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Highly Commended Story - Sub-junior Category

“True Friendship” by Pragyan Acharya, Mills Berry School, Nepal, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

Pragyan is a charismatic and helpful boy currently residing in Nepal who never likes to miss an opportunity to talk about the latest story books he has come across with his friends and teachers! With his brainy personality he stands as his teacher’s favorite student in Mills Berry School, Nepal. As agreed upon by his peers, he’s always ever ready to accommodate his friends whenever help and support are required. A young philanthropist in the making, who loves playing basketball and video games with his elder brother, says that “One must always take initiatives to help others in need.”

True Friendship

It was a very boring life for Oliver. He had nothing to do at home. All he did all day was bark, eat and sleep. He had no one to play with. Everyone was out of home. He would always think, “I wish I had someone with me”. He was a fine golden Retriever with a really soft fur.

One day, someone unexpected came in the house. It was a cat. A dog is always supposed to fight with a cat, but Oliver didn’t want to. He was actually happy to see someone. The cat was frightened to see a dog. Oliver said, “It’s fine. I won’t hurt you. You can come out.” The cat finally showed up after a lot of insisting.

Oliver introduced himself. The cat’s name was Pepper. Pepper looked like he really could get some food. He asked for food to Oliver. He replied, “There are some biscuits on top of the shelf”. “Hmm…. I’ll need your help”, Pepper said. “Sure”, Oliver replied. With the help of Oliver, Pepper could get the biscuits. Soon Oliver became friends. They always used to help each other to do some nasty works like stealing foods from the shelves. They soon started sleeping together and became best friends. But Jennie’s parents found out about the cat and decided to throw the cat from the house “We can’t keep a cat in the house” Jennie’s dad said “They are going to fight” Jennie’s Mom added.

Oliver and Pepper heard about it and got scared. But Jennie wanted a cat in the house. “I want a cat”. Jennie insisted. But one day, Pepper got lost. Oliver searched for him everywhere but couldn’t find him. He was pretty disappointed. But Jennie was even sadder. She searched for him everywhere. One day she got sick. She got sick because she missed Pepper. She even got admitted to hospital. Her friends came and asked her but she didn’t tell them. Her parents already knew why she was sick and immediately started to look for the cat. But they couldn’t find the cat. In the other hand, Oliver wasn’t doing so great as well. Even he missed Pepper and all the fun they had. Jennie’s parents were worried as well. They were worried about Jennie. But after around two weeks, Pepper came back by himself.

Everyone was surprised and happy. Jennie’s parents were really happy. Jennie also started recovering. Oliver was happy to see Pepper. But Jennie’s parents’ were still not convinced if they would want to keep the cat or not. But Oliver and Pepper didn’t fight at all. Jennie’s parents’ were surprised. Oliver and Pepper were friends. Jennie’s parents’ were really happy. Oliver and Pepper were happy. Jennie was happy as well. Everyone was happy. What could be better?

Basically, cats and dog are supposed to fight. Every time cats and dogs are together they always fight. But, Oliver and Pepper became friends. They proved that even dogs and cats can live in friendship.

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