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Sub-junior 2nd Prize Winning Story - The Magical Octopus

“The Magical Octopus” by Khaled Ali Al-Harthy, The Sultan School, Oman, is the Second Prize winning story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

Khaled Al Harthy is from the Sultanate of Oman. He is the second out of four siblings. Currently he is a student at a very well-known bilingual school, The Sultan School. The hobby of writing stories came from the encouragement of his school to read. Khaled enjoys using his imagination and he seeks opportunities to learn and enrich his knowledge in every way possible. His ambition is to succeed at school and pave way for a brighter future.

The Magical Octopus

Hope was the youngest sibling in the family. Being the youngest is usually very special but with Hope it was about her heart. She loves and is loved by everyone. However, her wish is that she had a good healthy heart that would allow her to live longer.

“Come on!” said her dad as he was picking up his coat. “Where to?” asked Hope as she jumped up scattering her model-making tools on the small kitchen table while making a wooden octopus. “To see your octopus for real!” answered dad. Hope was filled with joy, a happiness she could not describe.

The Aqua park was empty as it was early in the morning. There it was- the giant octopus aquarium Hope loved. She flung her arms to touch the glass waiting for the octopus to stretch its tentacles on the other side. Suddenly, the glass barrier seemed to have lifted and Hope was on the other side with it. “I can not believe this!” she gasped with joy. “Do not be afraid my little one” the octopus replied in a croaky voice. “I will take you on a magical journey and fill your heart with life!” Hope felt his rubbery tentacles grab her by the waist. The small aquarium opened up into a big blue ocean and the octopus jetted through the warm silky water.

Deep and deeper they went. At first Hope was scared that she could hardly open her eyes. Slowly but quickly she started getting used to the speed and rushing water. “What a wonderful ride!” cried Hope in delight. “There is a storm coming!” announced the octopus with enthusiasm. The octopus cringed just to let go as a wild propeller to pass through it, letting out a squirt of his ink to warn all around. “It is amazing how you can swim so fast and change shape!” Hope said with astonishment.

At last, the storm cleared. Hope looked back and gasped at what just happened. The next thing she knows, the octopus offered her a taste of the sea with his scissor-like beak. “Oh thanks,” Hope said while thinking she could not be happier.

“Now take me somewhere more exciting!” said Hope. The waves rolled and crushed onto a distant beach while they landed on the sandy shore. With the pounding waves still ringing in her ears, she could not believe that the octopus magical adventure ends with offering one of his hearts to her.

“Hope!” she heard her dad whispering in her ears. “Dad, I had the best adventure with the octopus. He took me into the deep blue sea!” “You have such a wonderful imagination, Hope,” laughed dad shaking his head. “It is true dad, he even gave me a new heart which is the best part.”

Hope stopped for a moment, she thought to herself that this would be her secret, hers and the octopus. “I know it is true,” she said to herself.

“Thank you, my octopus,” she whispered to herself as her father grabbed her hand through the park gates, and home.

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