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Highly Commended Story - Sub-junior Category

“The Lost Dog” by Diana Di Leo, British International School Budapest, Hungary, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

The Lost Dog

Hi, my name is Joe and I am a dog. I have an owner and her name is Cloe. I love her very much. But she is not around much so then I get to go on the couches and get my food from the kitchen. But it is not just about fun and games. I am on a mission to help my owner find true love.

But you’d ask, how do you think I am going to do it? Well you must know I am no usual dog. I am a magic dog. I can turn into ANYTHING I WANT. One night I turned into a bird and went out the window. After some hours it was morning. I looked for my house but I couldn’t find it. So I turned back into a dog, a puppy and showed my collar but NO ONE looked at me.

I then decided I would turn into a human I started asking people if they knew where Snow Street was but still NO ONE answered me. When I was about to lose hope I saw Cloe with a man. I immediately turned back into a dog. For some reason I start barking at the man. Cloe looked at me and she said, Joe we were looking for you! I licked her face and the man’s. I knew he was her true love.

The man’s name is Michael. He is a policeman who was helping Cloe find me. We all went back home together. My mission is done now. You know why? Michael works at night so he stays in the house during the day. And when he leaves, Chloe is already back. The weekends are the best. The 3 of us together is so much fun. I never turn into ANYTHING ANYMORE. I can be Joe the puppy all the time.

I only heard screams and pure panic from the receivers’ end.

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