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Sub-junior 3rd Prize Winning Story - The Crab And The Seashells

“The Crab And The Seashells” by Harrison Lee Gore, Homeschool, USA, is the Third Prize winning story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

Harrison is the youngest of his siblings. He enjoys eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, playing Roblox on the computer, and listening to audiobooks before bedtime. His current favorite series is The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall.

The Crab And The Seashells

Once there was a Stubborn Hermit Crab and a Wise Seahorse. The Stubborn Crab went to the Wise Seahorse’s house and knocked on his door. The Seahorse answered, and the Crab said, “I need a new shell, and I would like you to help me find one.” The Seahorse agreed to go with him.

They came near a small cave and saw an outline of a seashell in the darkness. The Crab dragged the shell outside and saw that this pretty shell had blue and red spots all over it and was smooth and clean inside.

“This shell isn’t good enough,” said the Crab.

“But look at the pretty blue and red spots and how clean and smooth it is inside!” said Seahorse.

“I don’t care.”

So they moved along.

Upon the sandy sea floor lay a beautiful white shell with a green swirl. The inside was even cleaner and smoother than the other. But the Crab said, “No, it’s not good enough!”

“But it’s so magnificently beautiful!” said Seahorse. The Crab disagreed and they moved on.

“You know,” said Wise Seahorse, “You’re never going to find the best shell, Crab, because there’s no such thing.”

They continued through a coral reef, and all of a sudden a Great Fish appeared. The Stubborn Crab grabbed the nearest shell and shoved it on. The fish bit the shell, but it was too hard for the fish to crack, so he swam away.

Then the Crab saw how ugly and dirty and puce-colored the shell was that he had on. When he tried to take it off, it was so dirty and grippy inside that he couldn’t!

Thus, the Crab was stuck with that shell for the rest of his Stubborn Crab life.

Moral: Be content with what you have.

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