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Highly Commended Story - Luna The Grass Fairy

“Luna The Grass Fairy” by Wang, Ruixi (Joyce), British International School Budapest, Hungary, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

Luna The Grass Fairy

Christina Peter’s best friend, Isabella Jonathan was staying with the Peters for the Summer Holiday. It was Monday and they were having a picnic in the garden of Sun Palace castle that they would visit next week.

Christina and Isabella were very excited. When they arrived there, it was very late. So first they ate their lunch and then Mr. Peter told the girls, “You two can have free time for three hours and then we’ll go back home.” “Ok, dad.” said Christina.

“Let’s go to the meadows and look at the flowers and plants.” said Isabella.

“Yeah, we should.” said Christina. “Hey why is the grass yellow?”

“It’s because Luna still didn’t find her magic bag full of fairy dust.” replied Isabella.

Christina and Isabella shared a wonderful secret; they were friends of the fairies! This time Cole Tristan had stolen the eight plant fairies bag of fairy dust! If the bag was not with their owner or in their locker, the plants would die until they had been found again. “I wish I could go back to Fairy Island”, sighed Christina.

Suddenly there was a shimmery voice, “It’s much quicker than you thought!” Luna the grass fairy was flying towards them. “I am Luna the grass fairy” said Luna.

“Are you two Christina and Isabella?” she asked.

“Yes we are!” the girls said together.

“Oh, I’ve got to tell you that you have to come to Fairy Island and help us, because we’re running out of power for no reason and you two can help me find the bag.” The girls nodded. With a swish from Luna’s wand, they were off to Fairy Island.

When they got there, a second later, they were at fairy island palace. Queen Valentina and King Sebastian were standing beside them. “Hello girls” said Queen Valentina, “Thank you for coming, I wanted to call you two because we think we know where Luna’s bag is.”

“Where?” asked Isabella.

“In Sun palace castle’s meadows.” said King Sebastian.

“So now we can go there and find Luna’s bag.” said Luna. Again with a swish of Luna’s wand, they all disappeared back to Sun palace castle.

“This way to the meadows,” said Christina, “Luna, come inside my pocket or the humans will spot you!” They walked down a narrow pass and hid behind a tree.

They poked their heads out to see what was happening. “Oh no!” said Luna, “That stupid elf is sprinkling my fairy dust everywhere!”

“I have an idea!” said Christina, “Luna can you make some sweets?”

“Of course!” replied Luna and with a flick of her wand there appeared a bag of sweets.

“Ok, we will go to the elf and ask him if he can let us have a look at the bag and we will give him the bag of sweets in return,” continued Christina. “If we get hold of the bag, Luna you can turn us into fairy-sized so that the elf will not be able to get the bag back!”

“Great idea!” said Luna.

They crept out from behind the trees and walked over to the elf. “Hello,” said the girls.

“Hello, what are you doing here?” asked the elf in a low voice.

“We were just wondering if we can have the bag to take a closer look at it,” said Isabella. “If you let us look at the bag, we will give you a bag of sweets in return.”

“Ok, but it is very special so do be careful with it!” said the elf. He gave the bag to Christina. As quickly as possible, Luna sprinkled some fairy dust on the girls and they turned back to fairy size. “Hooray!” shouted Luna. “I finally have my bag back again.”

The elf was angry. “Hey, those pesky girls have stolen my special bag,” said the elf crossly.

“It’s not yours, it is Luna’s,” shouted Christina. “Cole Tristian is going to be really angry with you!”

The elf thought about this and disappeared.

Luna sprinkled some fairy dust onto the girls. “Now it’s time to turn you two back to human-size. Goodbye.” she said. “Thank you for helping me to get my bag back again.”

“Don’t thank us, we want to thank you for having such an exciting adventure!” said the girls together.

Suddenly Luna disappeared. The girls looked down at the ground. Luna had written “Thank you” on the ground beside them.

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