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Junior 1st Prize Winning Story - Live, Love, Laugh, Repeat

“Live, Love, Laugh, Repeat” by Aisha Yahya Muhammad, RA International School, Nigeria, is the First Prize winning story in the junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2020.

Aisha is a book lover, who is very adventurous, imaginative and inventive. She always has a book with her even while cooking, going to sleep, anywhere you can literally think of. Aisha takes care of the house and looks after her younger sister whenever her mum travels. Her family have always believed that she is going to be a star, and they are very proud as she is proving them right!

Live, Love, Laugh, Repeat

Not everyone takes deaths easily and it’s especially hard for kids but there’ll always be someone to talk to. Cry as much as you want as long as you DON’T hide your feelings.


“I know losing a trusty friend can be rough but guess what you just have to grow up and deal with it! Just like the rest of us instead of hogging the bathroom!” Macy’s elder sister Claire (13) cried from the hall in their 4 bedroom duplex “Please I am begging you, I have to get ready.”

“All right I’ll come out but FYI I’m six it’s going to take a while before I grow up and learn to deal with things like the rest of you!!!” Macy muttered.

“Thank you!!!! Finally. I thought I’d have to cancel my plans with my friends.” Claire replied. “But don’t worry I promise I’ll find time to talk with you and cheer you up.”

“Thanks but it’s going to take more than a talk to get all the memories of Mr. Looney out of my head, he was one good teddy.” Macy said with a saggy frown on her face as she walked out of the bathroom.

Macy walked into her bedroom and jumped on her bed and decided to allow some more tears flow down her (at that moment) red cheeks, roll onto her naturally rose gold lips-which everyone adored.

She had lost her best friend in the world, her teddy Mr.Looney, two days ago and held the ceremony the day after that. She was just a six year old girl who hadn’t even hosted her first party yet and had just witnessed her first (Well her second, but she didn’t really understand during her dad’s.) burial…of her best friend…it was all too much. Then again she told herself not to worry she was growing up and learning to handle stuff/things just like her sister had said to her like a million times before, and the word million is not a word six year olds use a lot, yet still she felt…lost, another word six year olds don’t say much unless they can’t find their dolls, she was getting closer to finding herself every minute, that made her feel already grown up.

“Claire, Macy I’m home.” Mrs Wally said as she rusher into the house with chocolates in one hand and her keys in the other.

“I’m coming down mom,” Claire managed to yell from the bathroom while toothpaste flowed from her mouth. “But I can’t say the same for Macy. She’s having a meltdown… AGAIN!”

“Thanks, I’ll calm her down.” Her mom replied with clear confusion written all over her face though she knew Macy treasured that bear more than her own dear life. She put on an enthusiastic face and chanted “Super mom to the rescue.”

Their mom was cool and casual. She was a successful therapist, a mother of two honey and a single parent and just as her daughters say she was ‘looking good at it’.

“Honey, can I come in?” she said as she knocked gently on the door of Macy’s bedroom.

No reply.

“Well I’m coming in anyway.” She walked in surprised to see an empty room and she almost thought she saw tumbleweed rolling across the floor.


They had gone everywhere…well except one place. But Macy hadn’t been there since her dad…died.

They used to visit the pond on weekends and play ‘imaginary fishing’. She could remember the last time they were there. Dad decided it was about time they went ‘imaginary sailing’ with an electric toy boat. It didn’t go so well and they ended up going home with a ‘broken boat’ that was full of water. They laughed so hard that day, almost too hard according to mum.

She would have never imagined a day would come where she’ll look back at these memories like this. It really was too much for her to handle, but she’d get through it. She knew she would. After all she was becoming a ‘big girl’.


She was on her way to Macy’s friend Olivia’s house down the street; she saw a silhouetted figure at the pond. She quickly ran over to examine. Oh how happy Claire was to find her sister there crying her heart out… wait that didn’t come out well. She was just happy she found her … that also came out wrongly.

“Macy, are you alright?” She placed her hand on Macy’s shoulder.

Macy shook and looked up startled. “How did you know I was here?” she said, trying to hide her tears.

“I’m your big sister of course I knew.” Claire quickly said thinking she’d sound smart and trustworthy. “I th-”

“Claire I want to talk to you.”

“Funny, I wanted to talk to you,” She paused, “but what do you want to talk about.” she completed.

“Everything just everything, but can we go home first” she replied trying to fight back some tears.

“Sure I’ll make some cocoa and we could wear matching clothes and later we could watch a Cinderella movie…but only if you’re okay with it.” She waited for answer.

“Yes please.” She responded with a great smile on her face to show off her shiny whites.

Claire thought that was the first smile she’d seen on her baby sister’s face in a while, and she felt there would a lot more coming after they had a little chat.


“So now I just want to know the best possible way to get over it.” Macy said concluding her ‘confession session’ with Claire.

“Well I have these rules, I call them the big ones they’re:

1. Try not to think about them too much.

2. Celebrate the fact you had the chance to meet/know them.

3. DO NOT throw all the memories of them away, keep them safe.

4. Make Me-Mo-Ri-Es.


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