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Highly Commended Story - The Mystery of the Ancient Queen

“The Mystery of the Ancient Queen” by Madhura Sandip Dalvi, Rustomjee Cambridge International School and Junior college, India, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Madhura is a 12 year old student studying in Rustomjee Cambridge International School. She is an avid reader and her favourite authors are Sudha Murthy and Roald Dahl. She loves studying Physics and Mathematics and wishes to be a Space Scientist when she grows up. Madhura is also a nature lover. She has great interest in plants and flowers. She derives great pleasure in nurturing them . A staunch believer in conserving environment she advocates the awareness campaigns on various issues like reduce plastic etc. Her flare for creativity can be seen in her art and craft creations.

The Mystery of the Ancient Queen

The night in Cairo trembled with stars and was lit by a fragile chip of moon. When the entire Cairo was dug into deep sleep, Susan was still awake with the help of the creamy cold coffee, researching about the attractive Egyptian queen “Neferiti”. Susan was a historian and was working at the Archeological department of US. She had a remarkable ability to analyze and interpret information. She was a member of special team sent to study the ancient Egyptian monuments.

While researching she was ready to cross over from the edge of torpor into slumber, and finally got lost into the dream of the ancient Egypt. Susan saw a majestic palace standing lifelessly and giving a cozy shelter to the king and the queen. The queen was lying peacefully on the fluffy bed. She had worn a tapered blue headdress with a rearing cobra jutting in the front. She was fair and had rosy lips .Her eyes were almond-shaped. In one of her eye the black eyeball was absent. She seemed to be very unusual.

It was day, and the desert welcomed a hot atmosphere. Susan decided to follow the queen. The queen sneaked secretly into an underground pathway. It was a long and narrow passage with lambent lights and symbols of sun god Aten. The symbol showed a mustard yellow sun with rays which ended in hands. After walking for a couple of minutes, the queen reached near a circular portal (star gate) that enabled the queen to travel to other realms of the world. Susan with mouth open wide like a huge cave gazed bewilderedly at it. Susan followed the queen again.

In the other world, the sky was pitch-black .The glowing stars hid behind the slate-grey smoke. The buildings were so high that they touched the sky and emitted harmful smoke which could cause a catastrophic illness to any human .The crinkled surface accompanied with macroscopic stones, made walking problematic. The vehicles with its asthmatic motor could actually tear anybody‘s ears. Suddenly, the cell phone shrilled from somewhere deep in Susan’s dream and she woke up. She breathed rapidly.

Sweat rolled down her soft skin. Immediately she received the call. It was Lucy her best friend. She said,” Susan you’re late! You better be early as Mr.Stark’s head has gone red and can erupt anytime.” Susan freshened up and reached the site as fast as cheetah.The archeologists had collected some clues about the Egyptian queen “Neferiti”. Susan was flabbergasted to see the newsworthy clues.

The team had discovered a hidden chamber in Neferiti’s tomb and there stood a broken circular portal. There were symbol of god Aten and exactly the same image of the queen which appeared in Susan’s dream! Susan was already lost in a shuffling maze of thoughts. Such uncanny resemblance to what she had seen in her dreams. She was petrified with disbelief.

Susan asked herself, “Why would the queen come here on Earth if she didn’t belong here?” This all remains a mystery. However, Susan resolved to get to the root of this mystery one day….

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