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Highly Commended Story - Terror in My Mirror!

“Terror in My Mirror!” by Sequeira Danica John, Rustomjee Cambridge International School and Junior College, India, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Danica is a kind and helpful girl. She respects her elders, teachers and all her family members. She likes to make new friends and helps her friends when they are in need. She is very disciplined and punctual. She likes to do the assigned task on time. Danica is very possessive about her belongings. She likes sharing her talent with everyone; learn new things and loves playing sports. She is confident in whatever she does and makes sure that it is done perfectly. Danica is a very sweet and a lovable child.

Terror in My Mirror!

Charlie Harper recently shifted to his new house, which was huge. By profession, Charlie was an interior designer. The main problem was that Charlie had to buy all the furniture and he wanted the latest of all. It just took him one hour to set up the house. All the furniture was elegant, but the mirror was extraordinary.

It was Charlie’s first night to sleep. He went to sleep on his pleasant bed. It was a calm night and Charlie was fast asleep. After some time, Charlie heard some weird sounds of laughing and talking. He thought the noises came from the neighbours as their lights were switched on. He went back to sleep. He heard the same noises again and this time the neighbour’s lights were switched off.

Charlie was tensed and jumped out of his bed to see where all these weird sounds came from. When he was about to go out of the room, he heard the mirror scratch. There was something written on it. ‘I will kill you!’ Charlie was scared to even go near it. He immediately switched on the lights. He started praying to god. Charlie was waiting till morning so that he could return the mirror. But in the morning, he couldn’t move the mirror at all.

Charlie called the guards of the apartment and they could move it only a bit. Everyone was too tired. Then, he took a hammer and broke the mirror into several pieces. Now everyone saw a spirit walking.

Charlie immediately called a priest and he came and sang a very long and fast prayer song. Everyone was singing along with him. The singing made the spirit angry and the priest caught the spirit in a bottle. Then Charlie thanked the priest for coming and removing the spirit. After the priest left the house, Charlie also left the house forever.

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