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Highly Commended Story - Shyam and his Speaking Tree

“Shyam and his Speaking Tree” by Ninad A. G, Rustomjee Cambridge International School (Dahisar), India, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Ninad is a 7 year old and is a combination of mischeif and obedience. His mischievousness also gives an insight into his intelligence on how he can make jokes from seemingly simple situations. He is a keen observer and is able to form a good understanding of the situation through it . He has the ability to keep everyone happy around him. Ninad has a special liking for trees and animals.He also enjoys dancing, playing football and is a cheerful chirpy child on most days.

Shyam and his Speaking Tree

I was a small seed. One day a little boy named Shyam picked and buried me in his garden. I was scared because it was dark all around. Shyam used to throw water on me everyday. Suddenly one day I could rise above the ground and see bright sunlight. When Shyam came to water me, he was delighted. He started taking good care of me. We talked to each other after he returned from school everyday.

Days passed and we both grew together. I had a big trunk with spread out branches bearing fruits, flowers and nest of birds. Shyam used to gather flowers for his grandparents. When he plucked fruits, I had pain which vanished seeing him relish it. Sometimes while talking to me he used to fall asleep and get up fresh as I pumped lots of oxygen around him.

As he grew older, he couldn’t spend much time with me. I was happy and sad at the same time because Shyam always made a point to meet me at least once in a day. I missed him a lot when he went for vacations.

On one such occasion, I heard his father talking of cutting me down to make space for servant quarters. I was terribly shocked. I cried, I shouted. But it all fell on deaf ears. Next morning when Shyam returned home there seemed to be a ray of hope. I shared my plight with him. He hugged and assured me that everything will be fine.

Next afternoon Shyam asked his family to gather in the garden. As it was bright sunny day and Shyam took time to come, they gathered beneath me. Then Shyam came out and reminded them about the shade, fruits and flowers I provided. He also explained how important I am for balancing the ecology. Everyone was convinced and I was saved by my friend.

Moral of the story: Save trees, save mankind.

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