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Highly Commended Story - Friendship Is Not To Be Bought At A Fair

“Friendship Is Not To Be Bought At A Fair” by Maryna Afonina, Ukraine, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Marina is a twelve year old studying in sixth form. Her hobbies are to learn English, dancing and playing the piano. She also likes reading books and crocheting toys. Animals are her best friends.

Friendship Is Not To Be Bought At A Fair

It was a marvelous sunny day. Little fox-cubs were squeaking happily in their hole. They were playing peacefully there. Mother-fox was sitting and looking softly at her babies. The little plump fox-cubs were so cute with their fluffy tails! The biggest of them had a white speck on its muzzle. The other one had a white paw. And the smallest baby was completely dark!

One afternoon mother-fox went hunting. The little fox-cubs stayed alone. Some hunters – two adults and one boy – passed by the foxes’ hole. The boy’s name was Bill. He didn’t have any friends. Nobody wanted to play with him. The boy loved animals very much, so he didn’t like to go hunting. The boy felt sorry for animals, but his father wanted him to be a good hunter. The father’s name was Henry. He was a famous hunter! At that time three little fox-cubs were playing just near the hole’s entrance. The smallest dark fox-cub fell out of the hole and couldn’t understand what was happening. Bill’s father saw the fox-cub and lifted him. He said: “Let’s take it home. It will be your pet!” Bill didn’t say a word. He didn’t want to take the little dark cub away from its mother, though he might be happy to have a pet at home.

Bill and his father lived in a small house not far from the forest. They brought the little dark fox-cub home. Bill gave him some food and made up a bed for him. But the cub didn’t eat anything. He lay down on his pillow and began to whimper mournfully. “It is so little! We have to take it back to its mother!” - Bill said. “Never mind, he will get accustomed soon!” – said Henry.

Night came. The father fell asleep at once, but Bill couldn’t sleep. He was hearing the cub’s whine. The boy couldn’t stand that – he put his father’s high boots on, took the little brown cub in his arms and went with him to the forest, to the foxes’ hole. Angry fox’s muzzle appeared out of the hole. Poor mother-fox had come back from hunting and hadn’t found her baby at home. All that evening long she had been looking for it but in vain. The fox became kinder when she saw her cub in the boy’s arms. She took it in her mouth and drew it into the hole. That night Bill fell asleep quietly.

The next day the boy was gay and happy. When evening came, and Bill was going in, he suddenly saw that very fox at the edge of the forest. The boy came up to her. She put into his hand a mouse she had caught herself. Bill’s face broke into a smile. Since that time the boy and mother – fox have become the best friends. So Bill has helped the animal and has found a reliable friend. Remember: a friend in court is better than a penny in purse!!!

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