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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - Woman Of Valour

“Woman Of Valour” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Davina Ononuba Dimkpa, Rasidential Area International School (Rais), Rasidential Area Nlng, Bonny Island, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Woman Of Valour

A lonely girl stands in a battle, afraid that she will lose. “How did I get here?” she said.

It all started when she was a child, in a flourishing kingdom called Green, her wonderful kingdom. Everything in their land flourishes. Anne wanted to be a knight. Her father made a wooden sword for her and she used it to fight the scare crow in the neighbours’ field. She was also fond of playing with the ravens who were her only friends. She taps and pokes the scare crows all day long though sometimes she gets frustrated because the scare crow cannot fight her back. Even at the age of fourteen, she was still fighting her neighbours scare crows. The owner of the field, Mr Buba, was a very kind and fun to be with man. Watching Anne fight his crows while he laughs his heart out was one of his everyday routine.

One day her father went out to a neighbouring village, he was attacked by an enemy army who had come to attack their king. They had stabbed him with a spear and hung his dead body on a pole while they marched towards the palace. This enemy kingdom, the Jaja Kingdom, has been their sworn enemy from Adams days. This kingdom was so greedy and full of violence. They like power and they go to any length to get it. They like acquiring kingdoms jus to subdue them. That black Saturday Green kingdom was there target.

Anne was devastated when her father and later her mother who could not stand the sight of her beloved husband dangling on a pole, died. She ran into the forest, she kept running hoping that she might faint or better still die. With no direction of where she was going. Soon she was in another land, hopelessly lost. Engulfed by darkness both physically and otherwise, she saw a little light close by. She went towards it and there was a large door mat, she dropped like a rag doll on it. It was a door post of a very rich and kind family.

The next morning, she was unexpectedly woken up by a very plump but nice looking man, who welcomed her into a great manor. “What’s your name?” the man asked. “Anne.” She replied. “My name is Anne.”

The man invited her for tea. Immediately after the cup touched her lips the vision of all the things that happened to her in just a day flashed back. She collapsed with the cup tumbling after. Mr Gill sprang into action to get her and also know her story. What brought her to his door step he soliloquized? What would a teenager be doing outside her home alone? Who is she and where is she from? A million and one questions with no answers yet.

Mr Gill had a nurse as one of his workers, she attends to their medical needs and thank God she was around. She kept her on a very comfortable bed. Leave her alone for now, she advised. Anne stayed like that all day. She woke up in the evening with a loud cry. Almost all the workers ran towards the noise, even Mr Gill.

It is alright my dear we will not hurt you, please tell us your story, what happened to you? She narrated her misfortune and how she ended up at his door step. She begged him to help her people which she was sure are now slaves to the Jaja Kingdom. She explained the goals she had in life. The man later helped her and enrolled her in a defending and sword fight academy, where she learnt the tactics of self defence. She became the best student in the academy. Anne’s name became very famous in the new kingdom.

Seven years later, she decided to forge an army to go and fight for her kingdom. It was better to try and fail than to not try at all. She went to the king and begged him for even a small part of his army to serve her. The king agreed. He sent her half of his army.

They set camp, in a nearby forest, close to Jaja kingdom. Three days later they charged towards them to attack, they caught this enemy kingdom by surprise. “Attack!” Anne shouted. The opposing army were dumbfounded because it was too late now.

Anne slaughtered everyone that was dressed in enemy armour. She was merciless to those who were once merciless to her. Finally, she had reclaimed her kingdom, freed her people and she was made the queen just to honour her for her bravery. Mr Gill’s first son, named after his father Gill married her and they lived happily ever after.

Queen Anne,

Ruling with justice.

Peace and honour.

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