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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - The School Daze

“The School Daze” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Charlee Davis, Suquamish Elementary, Washington State, USA.

The School Daze

Introducing… Chloe Jones! She’s smart, she’s glorious and she has a dog named Cheeseball! She really has it all, until she goes to middle school for the first time… “Chloe wake up!” said Chloe’s Mom. “Ugh, fine.” groaned Chloe. She knew what day it was. She put the most glamorous outfit on and did her hair. “Bye, Mom.” said Chloe. “Bye, have a good day.” said her Mom.

“Ugh, middle school it disgusts me just saying it” said Chloe. “Oh look, the new girl.” said Allie. “Don’t you know everybody’s new?” said Chloe smiling. “Oh, uh yeah I knew that.” replied Allie. Chloe went to class she kept laughing the whole way. “Welcome class to the first room you will be going to everyday, by the way I’m Mr. Pete.” He said proudly. It was time for math. “Hello Everyone, I am Mrs. J. Okay anyways everyone please tell me your names.” “John,” he said that proudly. “Kayla,” she said. “Lola,” she said. “Malic,” he said. “Chloe,” I said. “What a small class today.” said Mrs. J surprised.

After school I went home and I found a spider in my room! “AHH!!” I screamed, “Get it Cheeseball!” I was really scared as you can tell. My mom got really mad. The next day at school it was horrible because after school I figured out… Cheeseball was stolen. “Mom I can’t go to school tomorrow.” I whined. “You’re not.” She said. “Oh, wow you actually said yes.” I said surprised. “No, it’s Saturday tomorrow. Go find Cheeseball and bring her back!” she said. I figured I knew where Cheeseball was. Allie’s. I didn’t know where Allie lived. But, then I figured out that she lived two blocks away. “Suspect one, Allie.” I said. “I’m breaking in.” I broke in that night. I’m really amazed that my Mom let me rob my dog. “Gotcha Cheeseball.” I whispered. “But first…” I said, after that I took a Picture of Allie sleeping with a Justin Bieber pillow. HA payback. I went home with Cheeseball and went to bed holding my dog that whole night. Sunday was a bingo night. I got two new pairs of fuzzy socks (my favorite). I like talking about myself a lot it’s just fun. I feel like this year will be great!

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