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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - The Precious Treasure

“The Precious Treasure” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Fatima, Eastern Public I B World School, India.

The Precious Treasure

Back in old days, there was a team of pirates named: “Hazardous Pirates” They were always curious about treasures, and why not; as they were pirates. Once they all were thinking about exploring a treasure that would fill their lives with luxurious things. Suddenly one of the pirates opened a box kept in the ship and saw a very-very bygone map, he told it to the captain of the Hazardous Pirates gang. The captain was really greedy and screamed, “Woh-hoo-Hurray, we got a lost treasure map!!!” They started their journey then & there. There was one more gang named: “Selfish Pirates” who got to know that another gang has got a treasure map, so they decided to follow them. Both the gangs met together in a jungle in search of treasure. There they both were brawling for the map. The gangs snatched the map badly and the map was tore into two pieces, they could not do anything else but be together and complete this journey. They went towards a mountain and a sea full of high waves…the weather was really thundery, they faced much awkwardness during their journey towards the treasure. The gangs faced the difficulties together without brawling upon anything. Both the gangs were really tired and rested under a huge tree. While they were sleeping under the tree a monkey came and took one part of the map. The gangs of pirates fought with that ugly and irritating monkey, but at last they had to shoot the monkey with a gun to take the map. When they reached the place where treasure was buried, they had to dig a lot. But they could not find anything…then they saw a tree and a message written on it. The message said, “FRIENDSHIP IS THE MOST PRECIOUS TREASURE IN THE WORLD.” Their eyes were filled with tears and they never fought again.

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