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Highly Commended Story - The Power of 2

“The Power of 2” by Parishi Dua, Kuwait English School, Kuwait, is the Highly Commended story in the senior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Parishi studies in Year 5 at Kuwait English School (KES), Kuwait. She is a voracious reader with particular interest in fictions, her favourite author being the legendary Enid Blyton. She is also fascinated by the Harry Potter series and has read the entire set. She is a budding author. Apart from books, Parishi also finds time for other interests like Tennis and Gymnastics. Born in India, Parishi now lives in Kuwait with her parents and twin-brother.

The Power of 2

The Robinsons lived in Florida with their twin daughters – Patricia, who was mute yet generous, and Isabel, who was as vain as a peacock. Although they were identical to the last freckle, Isabel praised her beauty intensely. She was a spoilt child who ordered her parents to give her everything they could afford. On the other hand, Patricia was a sensible and amiable girl who was happy with what she had. Isabel had a passion for singing. She had an angelic, dulcet and smooth voice which could bring a smile upon even a dull soul. She even had a music band, ‘Prophecy Queens’, which included a few of Isabel’s friends. They all had heart-warming voices and played wonderful tunes using instruments. Whenever Patricia wanted to listen to the ‘Prophecy Queens’ playing, her twin would promptly tease her by saying, “You are an embarrassment in front of my friends! They sing beautifully, and as for you – you can’t even speak!” To this, Patricia would disappointedly go to her bedroom. She knew that crying or complaining would be of no use. Even though Isabel looked down upon Patricia, she would not dream of thinking negative about Isabel.

One day, Isabel and her friends were practicing hard for their music band performance, since they had a ‘State Singing Competition’ which was going to take place the next afternoon. The ‘Prophecy Queens’ desperately wanted to win. It was their dream. As the night fell, Isabel lay in a cosy water-bed, dreaming about the next day and whole-heartedly hoping to win.

The next morning, surprisingly, Aunt Laura, from the neighbourhood visited them. For Patricia, Aunt Laura had prepared her favourite dish (soup) and wanted to say good-luck to Isabel. Isabel was fuming in jealousy, since Aunt Laura had only wanted to say good-luck to her, while bringing Patricia her favourite dish. In her mean little soul, she planned that she would finish the soup before Patricia would even notice. So, she daringly went up to the bowl and finished the soup in one gulp. After a while, she found her skin turning red and full of rashes. Isabel started to panic. Will she be able to show her face during the performance? She felt sorry for herself.

Isabel informed her family as soon as possible that the soup contained shrimps. (She was allergic to shrimps). Patricia realized that Isabel drank her soup and got sick. In her heart of gold, she felt sorry for her twin and blamed herself for not drinking the soup before her innocent sister drank it. Next, in a flash of light, an idea popped up in Patricia’s head. She cuddled her twin tightly. Isabel felt an unusual power growing in her body. She felt warm. It was all making sense to her now! Isabel was starting to understand what Patricia meant! For once, she was feeling ashamed of herself. She had treated her loving sister heartlessly and cruelly. She apologized to her by confessing, “Patricia, I am truly sorry of how I have been treating you. I am ashamed of myself. Are you meaning to say that you will help your selfish, hateful and mean sister?”

Patricia nodded, putting on a broad smile.

Finally, it was time for the music performance. Whilst the audience (including Mr and Mrs Robinson) were settling in, Patricia, followed by the rest of the band, were taking their places on stage. Isabel sat backstage where she was out of the audience’s sight. She held the mike in her hands, ready to sing. Patricia was also ready to lip-sync the words on the paper in front of her, whilst Isabel sang her heart out. The audience were mesmerized by the lovely voice of Isabel which wafted throughout the hall. However, when Patricia glanced at her with a twinkle in her eye, Isabel looked as though she was seeking for forgiveness. Together, their power of 2 won the enormous reward which was their dream to receive.

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