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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - The Lion and its Prey

“The Lion and its Prey” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by A. Arjun, Amethyst international School, India.

The Lion and its Prey

Once upon a time, in a big jungle there lived a lion. In the same jungle, there lived a father and a mother wolf. The father and the mother wolf had a cute, fearful and sweet baby called Baby wolf. One hot day in the morning, the Baby wolf felt so hungry. The father wolf told “Let's find a prey for our baby" to the mother wolf. But, the mother wolf had the fear of leaving the baby wolf alone. The father wolf convinced her and they started to search for a prey. The king of the forest, the lion was prowling slowly near the baby wolf. The baby wolf got frightened and it sat under the tree silently without moving. The lion planned to pounce on the baby wolf, but the lion could not see the baby wolf moving. The baby wolf acted like it was snoozing. The lion got confused and tried to prowl slowly near the baby wolf. A few minutes later, the lion decided to eat the baby wolf before the parents of the baby wolf comes. The lion started to keep the steps with its strong paws. The baby wolf got scared. It started to sweat. Its body started to shiver like anything. It completely got frustrated and thought that it's going to be eaten by the lion. After some time, the baby wolf decided to get up slowly and run fast, but with lots of fear, it could not do that. The lion almost came closer and the baby wolf snoozed when he saw the lion coming near him. At that time, the parents returned back with the prey and found the baby wolf in danger. They threw the prey to the Lion and comforted the baby wolf.

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