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Highly Commended Story - The Journey on Dark World

“The Journey on Dark World” by Savithra Ranjeet Kumar, S.J.K T Saraswathy Sungai Petani, Malaysia, is the Highly Commended story in the senior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Savithra is 12 years old and is a student at S.J.K (T) Saraswathy, Sungai Petani. Her ambition is to become a Science Professor.

The Journey on Dark World

A dangerous and determined effort against the killing and the battle of hard working, among the thousands include me. I have to win, to be the best, to be the first of the strongest in this contest.

Because this was a very necessary ride to have a great influential position in this black world. I try and try hard for it; for the ride to the black world. But all my efforts ended in that one word, that is failure.

But, I do not give up very easily. It is my own valuable life. I will try again using all my strength. I am going to break the record and beat the meaning of failure. At last I had achieved my life mission.

Firstly, crawl and crawl slowly with my body close to the ground; to go to the first layer of the uterus. After a ride from this layer I should still be alive. It is a great and awesome blessing.

Lastly, I have already achieved my challenge to the dark world. I have to go to the layer of water to grow myself. It is wonderful and fantastic here.

I grow and grow taller and very tall for that one lovely day. Kick and kick to get outside from this. I am very excited with my future.

I grow towards the light and colour across this dark world. I am amazed. It is wonderful. Wow! I can’t imagine it.

Whatever I hoped, it’s more than that million times. It is a really attractive natural feeling. It is early in the morning. It looks so imperturbable and the sun wakes up from sleep.

It is all very new experiences for me. I grow and grow happily. I grow handsome and kind of good looking that makes me physically ache, with my Green Winterian hair, the rest of my shoulder-length strands held together by twines.

I am pleased and amused with that natural song. When the birds build their houses at my hand, when the bamboo keep time in music and when the cuckoo bird was chirping. I was enjoyed at that moment.

The monkeys jump and jump over my head. I also enjoy my time with them. It makes me crazy and happy.

I feel satisfied when I know that I can give them home, sweet fruits, shade from the high sun rays and make them live healthy and happy by giving the clear, sweet and natural wind.

I also can help them during the heavy rains and flood. I can save creatures that live here and the forest from a big disaster.

It is so wonderful that I am so beautiful naturally. It is a blessing and I very thankful for it.

I am very proud of myself and my work. One day a crowd of humans visited the forest with skyscraper machines and unexpected sharp things. I don’t know what they wanted to do. I tried to think but I can’t catch it up.

Suddenly, they destroyed the forest including me with the name of development. I shouted and shouted to save this nature, but they can’t hear me.

My body parts were cut to pieces. I cried, shouted and screamed with my all energy but no one came to help me. I know that I wanted to die with my painful body.

I am not scared of my death but who will help and save this earth after that. I cried and cried to do my responsible work to this world.

Because I am a tree……….

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