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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - The Haunted House

“The Haunted House” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Devanshu Chopra, Smartling Learning Center, USA.

The Haunted House

Once upon a time there were three children. They went for a field trip to the zoo because they passed the animal habitat competition. They got snacks and also got pizza for lunch from school. They were watching the animals while they found a house which was really a haunted house. But the kids did not know that it was haunted, so they went into the house. It was so creepy and dark so they tried to run outside but the doors got closed.

The kids then saw monsters and ghosts and there were lots of them. The master of the monsters said if the kids want to get out of here they have to face the challenges. So each person has to fight with the monsters and ghosts for three days. If all the kids win then they can go back home. He also added that if the kids don’t fight, he would turn them into the monsters as he did to other people. The first kid went for the battle and he lost. Then the second kid went for the fight and became too tired because he had to fight for the whole day and night. So he couldn’t win. Then the third person went and he lost too as he was alone and tired.

Then they decided to work together, but to defeat all the monsters they have to program their costumes and use their armours. They sneaked in the armour room of monsters and used their magnetic things, haunted blasters and iron swords. Finally they also upgraded their armours to defeat the monsters. They wore their costumes, prepared themselves for the war and fought the master monster and his army and they finally won. At last they went back home. The whole school was so proud of them and they became the heroes of the school.

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