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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - The Gone Wrong Project

“The Gone Wrong Project” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Dhhanush Karjala, Smartling Learning Center, USA.

The Gone Wrong Project

There was a boy named Anthony who loved science. One day, there was a science fair at his school. He thought he may get the first place in the competition, but his brothers did not believe in him and laughed. To prove his brothers wrong, Anthony watched science fair videos until midnight. He planned the perfect project of growing a Venus fly trap. He told his dad to get the materials for the project. The ordered materials were predicted to arrive in one month. Anthony was ok because the project was due in 2 months. The next day when Anthony went to school, his teacher changed the due date to next month. Anthony was shocked because the materials were going to come next month. Anthony rushed home after school and told his dad, and his dad told it will come on Wednesday. That was good because the science fair project was due Thursday. Anthony already got half the items he ordered. Anthony couldn’t wait till he grew the Venus fly trap. He got the seeds for the fly trap. His brothers kept on warning him about the Venus fly trap and how dangerous it is, but Anthony was not paying attention to them. He needed a special water to make it grow 1 foot. He wanted it to be tall so everyone would be amazed of how tall it is. After Anthony got the special water, he planted the seeds and poured the special water, but his brother came and kicked the special water on the plant. Anthony thought that it was ok and would help the plant grow faster. Then the next day, he showed how the Venus flytrap eats by putting a dead fly in the mouth of the flytrap. The plant ate it, but the plant wanted more and started eating everything in sight. The more the plant ate, the more it grew. Everyone was terrified when the plant broke the roof of the school and grew to the size of eating buildings. Anthony panicked and didn’t know what to do. As he was looking around, he saw a man cutting down trees. This gave Anthony an idea. He went to the school shed and grabbed a chainsaw. He cut down the main stem of the plant and killed it. After the damage was cleared, his teacher gave him the 1st place ribbon even though his project almost destroyed the entire city.

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