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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - The Colorful Butterfly

“The Colorful Butterfly” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Ananya Prashant, Amethyst international School, India.

The Colorful Butterfly

Once upon a time, there lived a colourful butterfly who was very pretty with her beautiful wings. She was the queen of the butterflies. One day she was flying near the flowers in the garden. A girl then entered the park and started admiring the flowers and leaves in the garden while walking. She then noticed a colourful butterfly sitting on a flower. It was wonderful to see the beautiful butterfly that evening. The girl and the butterfly were then playing throughout the day. After she played with the butterfly, she returned home. The colourful butterfly was sad once she left the garden. Next day, the butterfly was happy and was flying around the garden with a lot of excitement, hoping that the girl will come and play with her. But, to her sadness, the girl didn't come. The butterfly waited for a long time and she felt sleepy.

By the time when she was asleep, the girl came to the garden. She saw so many colourful butterflies sitting together in rainbow colours. The colourful butterfly woke and it joined the rainbow formed by the other butterflies. The whole rainbow butterflies started travelling towards the girl. They all became friends with the girl and she started playing with the butterflies. She also took the butterflies to her home and she served snacks for them. They all played together, slept together and enjoyed the whole day by staying in the girl's house. The butterflies then invited the girl to their house. The girl also went to the butterflies’ house and played many games with them. At last, they became best friends forever.

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