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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - The Break Of Dawn

“The Break Of Dawn” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Hritwika, Rak’s Pallikkoodam, India.

The Break Of Dawn

Once upon a time in a small village in Eastern India there lived a boy called Krish. Krish lived with his parents. His father, Srihari, was a landlord and his mother Sudha was a home maker. Though it was a happy family Krish was always upset about his physical appearance. He would go out with a happy heart to be with his friends but they would always upset him calling him “Fatty”. Just because of his weight he was unable to run around like the other boys in the village. So everybody ignored him and didn’t allow him to join in their game.

Krish was deeply disturbed by it. Seeing that he was upset, his parents asked him if he had any problem. He busted out crying and told his parents that he was bullied by other children for being fat and nobody wants to play with him. His parents advised him that it is not physical appearance that is important in this world; it is character that makes a person great. They said, “You should not think that they are teasing you, think that they are helping you to be better. Now you know that you have to concentrate in keeping yourself fit by avoiding junk food. You have to thank them for reminding you about that”.

Krish understood and practiced good eating habits, he was kind to everyone and ignored if anyone teased him. One day, when the children in the village were playing under a tree, a branch broke and fell on them. Krish was passing by and he quickly went to help them. He was strong enough to lift the branch all by himself and rescue the children. Everyone appreciated Krish and thanked him. Those who teased him earlier, apologized to him and they all understood that a kind heart is more important than physical appearance. Now Krish has many friends and with good eating habits and physical activities including playing with his friends, he is fit, healthy and happy.

MORAL: Attitude defines a person, not the body.

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