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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - Story Of My Life

“Story Of My Life” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Clarinda Aneila Putri Silalahi, Citra Berkat Primary School, Indonesia.

Story Of My Life

Samarinda is the city where I was born, located in the eastern part of Indonesia, precisely on the island of Borneo. Actually my parents are from Jakarta but because Papa got the assignment from the office to open a branch office in the Samarinda we stayed here for 4 years before we finally moved back to Jakarta again.

The year my parents moved to Samarinda, my mother gave birth to me, precisely in 2010. I was born in one of the hospitals in the city of Samarinda in normal and healthy conditions, my parents were very happy with my birth because I was their second child.

There was a special impression with the birth of me in the city of Samarinda, as the name given by my parents to me; it has meaning related to the city of Samarinda. Once I was born my parents gave me the name "CLARINDA" which means "Birth of Samarinda". Indeed the meaning of the name is simple but the name contains a meaning that is very memorable and deeply meaningful to my parents, they want to show their love for the city where they once lived, a city with a diversity of cultures and customs but where the people can respect each other and love one another others.

Now our whole family has resettled in Jakarta and now I have 3 sisters whom I really care about, I have also grown up and have gone to elementary school. We all live as a happy family and we are all grateful that our parents always guide us patiently and lovingly without ever getting tired.

I always pray that my parents will be given good health and can see that we all grew up and succeeded in our lives later.

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