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Highly Commended Story - PJ Party

“PJ Party” by Yumna Kashif, Riyadh Jizan International School, Saudi Arabia, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Yumna is a sweet little nine-year-old girl from India, who resides with her family in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She is studying in grade 4 and is a “happy go lucky” girl who does all her assignments and projects in time. She is very obliging to her mother at home as well. Yumna always looks for an opportunity to read something as reading is her hobby, beloved pastime and in fact everything for her. Her other leisure time activities include painting, swimming, writing fictional stories and playing basketball. She aspires to see herself as a prosperous scientist/ technologist.

PJ Party

It was a festive season and New Year’s Eve in Australia and the schools were already closed for the midterm vacations for a fortnight. Holidays had just started in and Jane had already started missing her best friend Lulu badly.

Jane was a nine year old girl living with her family in the suburbs of Australia. Since she was old enough her parents bought her a mobile phone as her new year’s gift. She was very much excited and overwhelmed seeing her present. The first call she made from her mobile phone was to her best buddy Lulu. One day she called her friend “Lulu”, she said “Hi Lulu, I miss you so much, do you want to come to my house for a PJ Party” Lulu said “Sure, I will be glad, we would have great fun” they both chit chatted and planned for the party for an hour on the phone. Then, it was time to bed.

The PJ party night had arrived. Jane cleaned her room and bought a new bedding for Lulu, suddenly the doorbell rang." Surprise, surprise it's Lulu" said her mother who had opened the door. Lulu and Jane both hugged each other, they ate ice-cream and played games. They danced and had lots of fun. As it was New Year’s Eve, everywhere there was music, fire crackers, parties etc. Jane and Lulu were also having great time indoors. Suddenly an idea came to Jane’s mind, she said “Why don’t we go out and burn some fire crackers?” Lulu didn’t know how to burn fire crackers so she said “Uh but I don’t know how to burn them, you’ll teach me ok.” Jane said “fine”. Jane’s mom asked “Girls where are you going?” Jane said “To burn the fire crackers.” Her mother replied “What? No way I’ am not going to let you go out alone for burning the fire crackers. It could be dangerous, wait until I complete my work in the kitchen.” Jane said “Aww” and they both went back to their room sadly.

They were getting bored waiting for Jane's mother to join them. Both Jane and Lulu got restless and couldn’t resist their thought of burning fire crackers. So meanwhile, they both secretly got out of the window.

Forgetting Jane’s mothers orders, both of them started enjoying with fire crackers. But when they were burning the crackers, a fire cracker hit Lulu’s leg and she started to cry loudly. Jane’s parents came outside because they heard Lulu crying. They asked Jane, why Lulu was crying? Jane said “Because a fire cracker hit her.” Her mother said “Jane I told you not to burn them. Now we have to apologize to Lulu’s parents.” Jane said “I ‘am sorry mommy for disobeying you and sorry Lulu for hurting you.” Lulu said, “It’s ok Jane, let’s have a New Year resolution to always obey our elders." Her mom apologized to Lulu’s parents and Lulu’s parents said “Its fine, don't be sorry”. Jane and Lulu were stronger BFFs than ever.

MORAL: Whatever the situation is, always obey your parents.

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