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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - My Trip To The Moon

“My Trip To The Moon” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Konda Dharanesh, Korutla Public School Korutla, Dt Jagitial, Telangana, India.

My Trip To The Moon

During the summer holidays I went to my grandma's house at Hyderabad with my family. One day as usual after having my dinner and after watching TV for some time I went to my bed upstairs to sleep. All the family members slept and the stars were shining, a little windy air and the full moon on the other side in the night sky.

I closed my eyes and went to sleep. In my sleep a king appeared in front of me and introduced, “Look here my boy, my name is Vikram Chandra and I'm the king of the moon. I need your help. The alien creatures on the moon are hungry and due to lack of food are about to die and get extinct. On this regard I request you to come with me and save them. Will you come with me my boy?” he said.

In reply to it I said, “I will come but on one condition, you will have to drop me back to my home.” The king agreed and I sat back on his unicorn and went to the moon. I understood that the king had magical powers and in a period of two hours we landed on the moon. After that the king explained that there is no water for survival on the moon and the alien creatures needed it for their food. He said that due to lack of water they were about to die and get extinct.

He showed me the creatures. The alien creatures were with black body white face with long antennas and a big nose. On seeing them I got frightened and I began to cry saying, “Oh mom dad where are you, I want to go to home.”

Drops of water fell from my eyes on the soil. The magic band in the king's hand detected these drops and in seconds multiplied these drops to gallons of water. Within a few minutes the valleys and pit holes on the moon were filled with plenty of water. The king with magical powers created plants fruits and trees for the aliens.

The aliens got food and shelter and were happy. I stopped crying and understood the situation. The aliens introduced themselves to me, they showed me the different places on the moon and I played with them. They gave me different types of moon chocolates, fruits and moon dishes. I enjoyed a lot and smiled happily.

After one hour the king called me and said “Look boy you did a great job and as per your agreement you have to go back.” I agreed and parted off. The king took me back on his unicorn to my house on earth and disappeared.

When I woke the next morning I was on my bed and the sun was rising. I understood about the amazing dream I had, a trip to the moon.

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