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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - Max And The Elephants

“Max And The Elephants” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Ahmad Balogun, RA International School, Bonny Island, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Max And The Elephants

Once upon a time, there lived a good man named Max. Max was a very honest woodcutter. He lived with his little son, Sam. His elder son was named Alexander and his beautiful daughter who is the oldest child was named Mary. His lovely wife had died because she suffered a serious disease. That day, they all had cried and whined.

One day, he said to his lovely children, “I am going to the deep dark scary woods. I am keeping Mary in charge because she is the oldest. You two are going to listen to your sister okay?” “Okay!” said the beautiful good children. “Can you give me the great map?” asked Max. “Yes I can,” said Mary. “Thank you,” said Max who was excitedly and happy. “Bye!” shouted Max and closed the door of the tiny house really gently.

It was getting dark and scary but Max still kept going and going and going. The wind blew the map away. It was getting really cloudy so Max built a little hut with a gigantic leaves and four long sticks so he could stay safe. He still felt really cold but he still managed to stay.

He was getting tired. He could not get any food, only lots and lots of dirty water. Later, the heavy rain stopped. “Phew,” said Max relieved. Then Max went to look for fresh fruit to eat and water to drink. Soon, he saw elephants. Max was not only an honest man he was also an intelligent man. He knew that elephants hear the location of water with their gigantic ears.

Max followed the big and strong elephants but he didn’t let them know. They were walking for a really long time. The big elephants were running very fast. Max wondered why they were. He noticed that the big elephants were running because they had found water. “YES!” shouted Max. He went to drink when the elephants were starting to go.

When he got back to the elephants, he saw that they were fighting with a group of mighty lions with really sharp claws, deadly teeth and a curly mane. The elephants were fighting the lions. The Lionesses were fighting elephants. There was lots of dust and action and excitement. Max was wondering how the elephants were going to win. They fought as if it was the Second World War. Finally the fight was over and the brave elephants won and the scared lions ran away.

All the elephants started making noises. Then they stopped due to the fact that they saw a man on the ground. It was Max! The elephants all were looking at Max wondering who he was. The elephants were enthusiastic about making Max their leader. So, they carried him along with them. Some of them really wanted to carry the thin man and some didn’t. But it was decided that the tallest and strongest elephant was going to carry Max. Finally, he was taken home. He thanked the elephants by patting their heads. “Bye!” he shouted. Max got to see his family again.

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