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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - Lola The Llama

“Lola The Llama” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Mia Gonzalez, Claude Pepper Elementary, USA.

Lola The Llama

I’m a little llama who was born in sunny Peru. I lived near a mountainside with my family for most of my life.

I love to eat grass and hang out with my friends.

One night, a fairy came to me and told me that Mia from Miami needed help. She’d be having surgery soon and was very scared.

I decided to go on a journey to find Mia. I wanted to help her feel better.

I started on my quest. I walked for many miles and climbed many mountains, big and tall, until I reached a train.

I rode the train for several days and saw many beautiful countries.

I went north to Brazil where they were celebrating a festival called Carnival. There were so many beautiful costumes and exciting music!

I continued to Colombia, where they had the best coffee I have ever tasted. They called it “café” in Spanish.

The next stop was a country called Venezuela. I stopped to watch a baseball game.

I met a lot of interesting animals and learned many things along the way.

First, I met Sammy the Sloth, who liked to do everything upside down. He ate and even slept upside down.

Next, I met Antonio the Anteater, who uses his long sticky tongue to catch his lunch! He loved to eat bugs.

Finally, I met Manny the Spider Monkey who can swing up to 40 feet at once. He was very little but fast.

I hope to see them all again one day!

At last, I made it to a big boat and hopped onboard towards a new land, one that I had never been to. It was a scary ride. All of a sudden, there was a big storm called a Hurricane. The winds were howling and the waves seemed angry. I was glad when it was over.

As time passed, I knew I was getting closer to Mia. I was so excited.

I arrived in Miami, Florida, where Mia lives. The beaches and palm trees were amazing, and the weather was beautiful.

I met new kinds of animals that I had never seen before, such as flamingoes, alligators, and raccoons.

I wondered how the flamingoes were able to stand on one leg for so long! And, I don’t think I have ever seen such a pink animal before.

I was scared to meet the alligator, but then he showed me his big teeth and smiled. He came from an area called the Everglades.

The raccoon looked like burglar! He liked to eat out of garbage cans.

I finally reached my destination! I made it to the hospital and met Mia.

Mia was so happy to see me. She was no longer scared. Her surgery was a success.

After her surgery, I went home with Mia and we went on many adventures together.

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