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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - Little Life

“Little Life” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Sivtsova Veronika, Lipetska School IM.P.V.Shchepkin, Ukraine.

Little Life

The girl came home after a good school day. Her head was memories of her friends and her favorite teacher, how she walked with her friends in the park, how to build a snow tower, and to play snowballs.

And at home she saw that her father and mother slept drunk on a dirty sofa. The house was dirty and cold, there were bottles of alcohol, unwashed dishes. The room was small, wallpapers were set off from the walls, in the corners hung a web, which had a lot of spiders. A dirty, cracked and long-unpolluted oven complemented everything. And then Sarah thought she had the worst life on Earth! She wanted to play toys, but she did not have any clean doll or dog. The last time Mom bought her a doll five years ago, when Sari was four years old. It was her birthday. Then everyone was happy, but not now. Mom prepared a dinner and lit candles on the cake.

The girl took a bear that was not cleaner than other toys. It did not have pure white fur, pink stomach and red hat. The girl sat in the corner and told her secrets Tymoshtica's bear. To him she told that she fell in love with Nicholas from the second grade, how well and calm she was at school and how much she loved parents. Sarah pushed the bear to her chest and began to dream of living with such parents who would love her more than anything else in the world. How she and her mom will bake a cake on her birthday will cook a new look at the costume, as Dad will help with lessons, wear it on her shoulders, mom will buy sweets, and in winter she will sculpt snowmobiles and ride in sleds and skates.

The New Year was approaching and Sarah began writing a letter to her grandfather Moroz, where she asked her parents not to drink more and have always been with her. She thought so much that it seemed to her that she had moved to the New Year performance, where she played Cinderella, and among the audience she met the parents' eyes. They were gentle, bright and loving.

Having risen, Sarah ran and kissed her drunken parents. Perhaps this baby’s sincere kiss will change something in her little childhood.

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