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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - Joy To The World

“Joy To The World” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Duveena Yadav, Kothari International School, India.

Joy To The World

Not long ago, I had a dream where I found myself living in a Gingerbread house right in the middle of a Candy Land. Since it was the month of December, everything was Christmas themed! From sugar coated Christmas trees to red gum drops that looked like little fairy lights, everything had a Christmas spirit. I decided to walk around this magical Candy land where I came across a river made entirely of chocolate and next to it were marshmallows that were shaped like little boats. I took one of these boats and decided to go on an adventure! During my little adventure, I came across a little house and as I walked near it I realised that it was actually none other than one of Santa's factories. As I went inside the factory, all I saw was a wall full of pigeonholes with various names of little children written on top. While reading all of these names, I happened to see my name on one of the pigeonholes! "Duveena Yadav" and next to my name, I saw my wish list for Christmas. I wanted to see if Santa had managed to get all of my presents, so I used the ladder that was next to the pigeonholes and I climbed up to see my presents. "One, two, three, four and five", I counted the number of presents and was filled with glee to see all of my presents there! All of a sudden I heard loud footsteps coming near the holes, so I quickly climbed down the ladder and ran towards my boat to go home. The next morning after I woke up from my sugary dream, I counted my presents but only found four presents and lying next to them was a letter. The letter was from Santa Claus and it said that on his way to my home, he saw a little girl who was freezing in the cold, so he gave her the jumpsuit I had asked for. Instead of being sad, I understood and learnt that it is important to help people who need it. We should always be kind to each other and be thankful for what we have.

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