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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - Jon’s Magic Wand

“Jon’s Magic Wand” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Harsshavardhan B, Rak’s Pallikkoodam, India.

Jon’s Magic Wand

Once in a beautiful city, there was a boy called Jon who was walking on a pathway. He slipped and fell down on the ground where he saw a magical wand. He picked it up and tried to play a trick but he turned to a lion. Everyone shouted and called the caretakers of the zoo. They took him to a zoo and they locked him up in a cage where he saw monkeys in the cage. There he missed his mom and he wanted to go home. But the magic wand was with a monkey and the monkey told “I will break this wand” and tried to twist the magic wand which then made the monkey as a human (Jon) and the monkey was happy because he can play in Jon’s house and eat delicacies. So it happily jumped and ran to Jon’s house. But later the monkey realized that he is actually not happy because it missed its family and also realized that Jon must also be missing his family there in the cage. So it decided to go back to the zoo. So the monkey went back to zoo and made Jon back as human. And the monkey changed himself as a monkey and they both were reunited with their families. Then it apologized to Jon and they became friends. One day when Jon was visiting his friend at the zoo, the monkey looked sad. Jon then asked him why he was sad, so the monkey said that he and his family are not happy as they want to live in the forest. Jon went home thinking how to fulfil his friend’s wish. Next week he came back with a plan. He went to the zoo and shouted “Fire! Fire!” Then the caretakers of the zoo came and opened the cages to see where the fire was. During that time Jon’s monkey friend and his family ran to the forest and started living happily there. After few weeks Jon heard the news that the caretakers of the zoo are going to bring the monkeys back. Jon was shocked hearing this. Jon passed this news to his monkey friend and his family. Hearing which they became gloomy. Then the monkey came up with a brilliant idea and asked Jon to use his wand and make him a lion. Jon understood his friend’s thought process and said that it is a wonderful idea. “I will make you a Lion immediately”. Jon then made his friend into a lion. When the caretakers of the zoo came to take the monkey and its family, they were scared off by the lion and ran away as soon as possible. After that Jon turned the lion back to monkey and walked back home hoping that there would be no more troubles for his friend and his family.

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