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Highly Commended Story - Golden Days With Grandmother

“Golden Days With Grandmother” by S.Sai Krithik, S.B.O.A, Annanagar, Chennai, India, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Sai Krithik is a fun-loving kid studying in S.B.O.A School, Chennai. His hobbies include drawing, crafts, and playing with his friends. He is very much passionate in learning about Solar system and planets.

Golden Days With Grandmother

Victor feels very happy as he is going to visit his grandmother’s home for the holidays. He loves his grandmother Nancy a lot and especially her bed time stories for him. Victor will ask to tell her childhood days as a story, and he will be so excited to hear and make her laugh. His grandmother admires her grandson and he is her life.

She will take him to shops, movies, and surprises him with toys. She will cook simple dishes for him but will feed him with lot of love and care. When they both are together, they will be in a separate new world.

One fine day, Victor gave his grandmother a new name ‘Beauta’ for which he doesn’t have any reason or meaning to call her. From then, the whole family started calling her as ‘Beauta’ itself and it became her nickname. She proudly told everyone, “I have got a new name at my age of 54 that too by my grandson”.

They both had great love towards growing plants and feeding pussy cats. They water plants every day. He feeds fish and milk for pussy cats and his grandmother taught him how to love nature and animals during his holidays. She believed that is more necessary and important for her grandson’s future to live peacefully and happily.

Victor and his grandmother feel sad when they realise that there are only few days left in the vacation. He will be holding his grandmother’s hand tightly and his grandmother too will be highly emotional. Everyone will admire their special bond and love for each other. When the holidays come to an end, Victor will be waiting for the next holidays to visit his grandmother because those are his golden days.

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