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Highly Commended Story - Fire And Water Dont Mix

“Fire And Water Dont Mix” by Olivia J. Mcnutt, Memorial Junior High School, USA, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Olivia is a 6th grade student at Memorial Junior High. She loves to read and has always had a passion for writing. Her favorite books at the moment include ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Girl Who Drank the Moon’. Olivia loves the supernatural. Her hobbies include dancing, writing and watching anime. As Olivia is passionate about writing she aspires to be an author one day.

Fire And Water Dont Mix

“I love you”, he said lovingly. He looked deep into her glassy blue eyes. She smiled a warm smile and looked away. “You are Fire, and I am Water.” she uttered under her breath, he gritted his teeth. He longed to touch her silky blue skin, her thick dark blue hair. He wished to hold her hand, and never let go. “I understand.” he reluctantly said, a small tear of flame begun to roll down his flamboyant orange skin.

“I only want you.” said Fire, his eyes puffy from his tears. She sobbed looking down at the water and then she looked up at him with a sorrowful gaze, “I only want you, too.” She knew this relationship was wrong, and she had to end it. She was water and he was fire, and those two don’t mix well. Water had to be with someone the same as her, she couldn’t be with someone different then her.

Water pushed her long flowing dark blue hair out her way, and gave him a small goodbye before turning away and walking back into the lonely ocean. Fire was crushed, he reached his hand out, maybe she would come back and intertwine her fingers with his. He let out a loud cry of rage and sadness at his loss.

“I don’t care if we don’t mix, I only want you.” he whispered under his breath softly, his only love had gone because of him. He didn’t understand what to feel, anger? Sadness? Heartbreak? This was all too confusing for him. Water was not happy about her decision, she sighed as she held on to the arm of her boyfriend. Who was something who mixed with her water? She looked at the others that were gambling with her idiotic boyfriend. She looked at her boyfriend’s cards and knew at that moment he would lose. She held her head and drank some more oil out of her glass.

She longed to see Fire, she wished to touch his red hair and tangle her fingers in it, to touch his orange, rough skin. However, she couldn’t go back. They simply don’t mix, and they never possibly will. She downed an entire glass of oil. “Woah there Water! You’re really drinking tonight!” her boyfriend said, placing a joker down on the table as the other side lets a grumble in defeat. “Dilute, do you love me?” she looked up at her boyfriend with a soft gaze, as he returned it with a confused one.

“No, I thought you were just one of those girls who hang on guys.” he said, his voice laced with confusion. Her eye’s widened, she unwrapped her hands from his arm. She got up without a word and walked towards the casino’s exit door. “We are finished.” she said sternly, before walking out the casino.

She ran to where she and Fire would always meet to see him. “Fire?! Fire, are you there?” she cried out, only to get no response. She buried her face in her hands and begun to sob loudly. “Fire... It’s me, Water.” she said softly, her face still buried. “I know I said we cannot mix, but I think we should at least try..!” she said looking up to see him smiling brightly in her face.

“Fire!” she yelled out, she wiped her tears and turned her frown into a smile. “Would you like to mix with me?” Fire asked nervously. “You only do it once.” he smiled at her, as she nodded furiously. He raised his hand to touch her cheek, and she begun to intertwine her fingers in his flaming hair. “It hurts...” Water said, as her hands began to form into steam. Soon they both became one with the world around them, and themselves.

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