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Highly Commended Story - Escapade to the Past

“Escapade to the Past” by Umaima Khan, Beacon House North Nazimabad Primary 6, Karachi, Pakistan, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Umaima Khan is 12 years old and studies at Beacon House School in Karachi, Pakistan. Her hobby is to read books and her favourite author is Megan MacDonald who is the author of Judy Moody series. Reading these books inspired Umaima to write short stories. Her sister and teachers influenced her too. Other than reading books she likes to play outdoor games like badminton and basketball. In future she wants to be a doctor and serve the people of her country.

Escapade to the Past

The house was murky and covered in dust when Judy stepped inside.

“Mooom, I am so excited”, said Judy gleefully.

Oh, darling calm down, said Judy's mom graciously.

Judy was only 4 years old when in an accident she lost her sight, that's why she never had a chance to enjoy her life. But now she's 8 years old and after undergoing several surgeries she finally got her eyesight back. Now her life is colorful and she enjoys it the same way as other children. Judy was overexcited because her family shifted from the Philippines to London. She was thrilled because she wanted to explore new places. Also, the most important reason behind her excitement was that she is going to get new friends. She is fond of making new friends maybe that's the reason she never feels isolated.

“Mom, can I go and see my new room?” asked Judy.

“Oh yes honey, go ahead but be careful”, said mum with tenderness.

Judy climbed up the stairs and went into her room. She was surprised because her room was lovely and it was just as she desired. She lied down on her bed because she was tired. Soon all her tiredness was gone when she had a call from her friends in the Philippines. She talked for almost 1 hour and she gave them a look of the entire house. Then the whole time she was busy with mum and dad while helping in unpacking the boxes and to put all things on their specific places. Well, it was 9 o' clock when they had dinner and after some storytelling, Judy went on to lie down on her bed. But when her parents left her room she noticed that the door of her closet is open, but as far as she remembered she closed the door when she was taking out her pajamas.

"OMG! How can this happen? I closed the door of my cupboard", said Judy to herself as she was puzzled.

Well, with hesitant steps and sweat beads in her forehead she moved towards her closet to see what the matter is. The moment she opened the door, the whole closet was as bright as sunshine on the sea. She was surprised by the view in front of her, but suddenly flinched at a particularly creepy and diminutive entity and was about to scream but that creature told her to be calm because it's not going to harm her.

"Hello little girl, I am an Advenaura. The lord of adventures and I am going to take you to the past with my time portal", said the strange creature while introducing himself to Judy.

"Heeelloo. Umm, I am Judy. Well, can... I ask you how and why you are here?" asked Judy frightened.

"Oh, a good question. Well, this is my home for a long time, and I got to know you love adventures and exploring", asked the little thing.

"Yes, that's true but who told you?" asked Judy.

"Ah. Just forget that and be ready to go on your adventure".

After some introduction when the creature asked Judy to go with him, she refused.

"Wait I have to inform my parents", said Judy.

"No honey. No need because they are not at home and I am sure we will be back before they come", said the Advenaura.

"What? Where are they?" asked Judy because she was worried about her parents.

Oh, wait let me tell you. They went out for some important work but don't worry, they will be back.

This all seemed unusual and strange to Judy but still, she wanted to try all this to find out if it is true or not.

Judy went on an amazing adventure with Advenaura and the place she visited was the beautiful sea. She went in the depth of the sea where no one went before to explore the underwater world. She made a new friend named Alpha who was a dolphin. Due to her friendly nature it gave her a ride of the sea. Moreover, she also went in the time period of dinosaurs with Advenaura, but she was scared just by the name of dinosaurs. Then the lord of adventures explained to her the dinosaurs won't hurt her, so later on, she was alright. Judy thought thousands of years have passed, so she requested Advenaura to take her back home. When she reached home only one hour had passed and her parents were not yet at home.

"Oh, we are at home", said Judy to Advenaura.

"Oh, yes I told you that before", said Advenaura.

"Well, I want to thank you for all this”, said Judy thankfully.

"Welcome dear, it is actually my job to serve the adventure lovers", said Advenaura.

Suddenly Judy heard her parents come home and they were coming towards her room. She quickly went to her bed and acted like she's sleeping. With all this in mind, she slept and in the next morning she woke up and told everything to her parents. But it was hard for them to believe Judy. Still, Judy tries to convince them but each and every time they would laugh at it. Every night Judy takes a look of her closet to check if Advenaura is there or not?

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