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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - Clooney Clown

“Clooney Clown” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Anushka Dsilva, New Horizon Public School, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, India.

Clooney Clown

People liked the different acts in the Circus but most of all they liked the clown show.

There were four clowns who were part of the circus Clooney, Snoopy, Shelly and Chiki.

Clooney was a very kind and generous person. He was very nice to his friend clowns, but they were always jealous of him as he always performed well and got the most laughs. Children used to love Clooney’s goofy acts along with pet dog Roohi.

So one day when Clooney went out, they went to his tent and took all his things and spoilt them. They destroyed his cycle and removed air from the bouncy ball and put water on his trumpet and tore his Clown shoes.

Roohi who was tied outside the tent saw the whole thing. She tried to warn Clooney by continuously barking, but Clooney did not understand. He took all his things and when for his act.

When Clooney went to perform he cycled and fell down. When he blew his trumpet, it gave a big spray of water came out. When tried to bounce his ball it just fell down with a flop!

Clooney was really sad!! But the children who saw this thought Clooney was really trying to act funny and roared with laughter!!

When Clooney came back to his tent he Roohi pulled his pants and brought him to the Snoopys tent and barked and attacked Snoopy, Shelly and Chiki. They confessed that they were responsible and said sorry and told him to please tell Roohi to stop attacking them.

Clooney did not want to punish his friends and told Roohi to stop. He told his friends that instead of fighting they should work together to perform even better. They also understood their mistake and agreed. From that day they always worked together and got the loudest applause from the people.

Moral : Goodness and Truth always prevails!!

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