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Highly Commended Story - Cindy And The Magic Tree

“Cindy And The Magic Tree” by Sadiya Tasleem, Indian School Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2019.

Sadiya Tasleem is a 7-year-old who was born in India but now lives in Oman. She is a Grade 2 student at Indian school Nizwa in Oman. Her hobbies include drawing, coloring, painting and cooking. She also likes to make videos of her cooking and shares them with her family and friends. Sadiya reads a lot of stories and sometimes watches stories on YouTube. Her ambition is to become a writer. She also wishes to start a YouTube channel.

Cindy And The Magic Tree

Once there lived a beautiful girl in a small town. Her name was Cindy. One day when Cindy’s mother was out for some work she decided to go out and explore the place. While she was roaming she saw a farm full of tress. She felt very happy and went inside to see the trees loaded with fruits. Cindy couldn’t hold on so she collected small stones and started throwing stones at the apple tree and apples started to fall. She picked up the apples and put them in her bicycle basket. Before anyone could see Cindy left the place and went home. But, there was a man who saw her doing this. When she reached home she saw her mother waiting for her in the lawn. Seeing the apples her mother asked from where she got so many apples. Cindy got scared and lied to her mother that she made a new friend who lives nearby, and she had a farm and she gave her the apples from her farm. Her mother didn’t enquire much and asked her bring her friend home sometime. Cindy went to her room and ate the stolen apples.

After few hours her stomach started to ache, and she was growling with pain. Her mother took her to the doctor. The doctor was the same man who saw Cindy stealing the apples. To teach her a lesson he said she got the pain because she ate something without permission and she also lied. The pain will go only if she tells the truth to her mother and promise never to steal anything again. Meanwhile he gave her the injection also. Cindy cried a lot and told her mother the full story and apologized to her for lying and for stealing the apples. When she did this all her pain was gone. The pain reduced because of the injection but she thought it’s because she told the truth. That moment she promised to herself that she will never steal anything and will never lie to her mother. We should never take anything without permission from its owner and we should never lie.

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