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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - Best Friends Don’t Stick Together For Long

“Best Friends Don’t Stick Together For Long But OMG Sisters Stand For Each Other” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Afangide Sifoninyene, RA International School Bonny Island, Nigeria.

Best Friends Don’t Stick Together For Long
But OMG Sisters Stand For Each Other

Hi, my name is Becky, but you can call me Beck. I’m from Australia and I want to be an ecologist. I love open spaces and nature. I am always in a good mood, as long as I’m outdoors!

Bonjour, my name is Daniella that is it I can’t stand nicknames. I’m from France and I’m very particular about my appearance. I am dying to be a fashion writer. I adore the color pink. I’m energetic and full of great ideas.

Konnichiwa, my name is Rosina, but you can address me as Rosy. I’m from Japan and I want to become a great business woman. I adore books and spend hours reading them. I’m detail-oriented and always open to new things.

Buenos dais, my name is Mirabel, but you can call me Mira. I’m from the country of Peru and I want to be a scientist. I love travelling and meeting people all over the world. I am also very close to my sister, Olivia.

Chapter 1: A special gift

It was a hot summer day. It was warm outside but I was trapped indoors like a rat in a maze. I was waiting for a very important mail, and the mailman was late. You see, I am a special correspondent of The Gentleman’s Gazette. I’m always travelling for work and I’m ready to leave for a new adventure. Waiting felt like a curse. After waiting for eternity, Sammy Volt, the mailman from Mermaid Island, finally arrived. Before Sammy could reach onto the bell, I swung my door open and exclaimed, “Finally.” On that same day the OMG sisters had landed in Japan with the Flight air plane. There was nothing that the OMG sisters loved most than visiting new places. When they arrived at the school that they were supposed to study at, the children and the teachers gave them a warm welcome.

Chapter 2: One of us

After the welcoming, a gracious teen in the school uniform approached the OMG sisters and said, “Konnichiwa! My name is Minnie Perales, and I will be your guide in this school.” She had a welcoming smile so the OMG sisters immediately liked her. Becky voiced, “Nice to meet you, Minnie. I’m Becky, Daniella.” Before Becky could finish talking, Minnie continued, “and they are Mirabel and Rosina, I know all about you and you are the OMG sisters.” Because of all that Minnie knew about them Mira asked the other OMG sisters if they should make her an honorary OMG sister. The others agreed. “Since you know so much about us let’s have a chance to know you,” asked Rosina. “Okay, follow me,” she answered. They followed Minnie until she got to a door. Minnie pushed the door and said, “This my favorite place.”

Chapter 3: Japanese Dance Competition

“Can’t wait” exclaimed Rosina happily. Today is the dancing competition. “Daniela, can my best friend join you for your dance, her name is Praxina,” Minnie said with a polite heart. “Okay that is fine by us.” Minnie ran to call Praxina to their practice room. Praxina arrived there with Minnie and then Daniella gave her a Japanese cloth and a pair of slippers. Praxina observed that Minnie wasn’t paying attention to her as she used to, so she decided to terrorize their performance. So when they were on stage Praxina purposely made stupid mistakes.

Chapter 4: Betrayal

Praxina was so angry because her other plan was ruined, that she took one of Minnie’s competition dress and put it in Daniella’s bag so that she could end their friendship. When it was time for their individual dance competition, Minnie searched her backpack for her dress but couldn’t see it. So she searched the other backpacks and when she saw that it was in Daniella’s bag she shouted, “Daniella! I trusted you and you betray me just like that.”

Daniella replied softly, “I didn’t and if I say I did not do it I mean it, OMG sister’s honor.”

Minnie calmed down and said, “Then who did?” She then asked the OMG sisters to follow her. When Minnie was passing through the corridor of Praxina’s room she heard, “Now Minnie will break up her friendship with the OMG sisters and concentrate on me.”

Minnie opened the door fully so they could see and clapped thrice and said, “Wow your first plan didn’t work and now the second. Instead of breaking friendship with them it is with you.” Minnie stormed off and who knows if their friendship will build up again.

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