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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - Amy And Her Dog

“Amy And Her Dog” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by İrem Tulunoğlu, FMV Ayazağa Işık Schools, Turkey.

Amy And Her Dog

It was a hot summer day and the flowers were blooming. The birds were singing songs and Amy and her dog, Puffy, went outside for a run. Amy accidently fell over and the collar broke! Puffy ran away. Amy got up and tried to catch him but she failed. Amy ran home as fast as she could. She said to her mum: "MUM MUM! I lost Puffy! He ran away when the collar broke!" Amy said. Her mum said: "It's ok! Well if you love him this much then let’s go and find him! And also he cannot go too far away from here because there’s a lot of security around our home." Amy got super happy and almost fell again! Amy and her mum got out and tried to find Puffy. Amy heard something barking behind the tree...Amy said: "What can it be?" And then she found another dog that she was really scared of. Of course Puffy wasn’t there...He was a good hider so this wasn’t an easy job. They needed to do this but it was almost like a game called hide and seek! It was like Amy and her mum were the seekers and Puffy was the hider! It wasn’t that easy by the way! Amy looked all around the house and the playground. Her mum looked in the garden and the road behind their house. But no Puffy! Amy started crying and her mum tried to calm her but it didn’t work. One day later Amy was stressing out...She never got out of her room really much...She only came downstairs to eat and to wash herself... She was heartbroken... She couldn’t believe she lost her bff (Best Friend Forever) Puffy! Amy went outside to her garden to be calm and there was something.... Something behind the bushes. Amy thought it was another dog that scared her again but no! Can you guess who it was? If you said Puffy you are right! She shouted loud and her mum came and she wasn’t surprised that Amy found Puffy. Amy was finally smiling! Her mum, Amy and Puffy went back home and lived happily ever after! The end!

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