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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - A Worthy School Day

“A Worthy School Day” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Apoorva Jaiswal, Ryan International School, India.

A Worthy School Day

“Raja! Raja! Come on we have to travel two miles more.” called a boy wearing dirty and worn-out clothes with a garbage bag on his shoulders. Raja was an eleven-year-old boy who wandered hither and thither to collect the garbage. He used to sell that garbage to the recycling factories and earned some pennies for his subsistence. Sometimes he may fortuitously get food along the garbage. Although Raja was poor and an orphan, he was fascinated in studies. He tried to get admission in free institutions built by the government but the pathetic condition of teachers compelled Raja to leave that school. He saved some cash every day with a dream that he would study in a school. Somehow, he got admission in a private school. He spent all of his savings for purchasing the uniform and books of that school.

“I will try my best! I will try my best to prove myself.” Raja said to himself while getting ready for the school. That was his first day; he entered in the class with a wonder- waiting eyes that looked at everything with a curiosity. Raja smiled friendly and put his bag on the last seat. First period began and Miss Rita entered. She started teaching and Raja tried his best to understand the lecture. While teaching Miss Rita noticed that Raja’s shoes were muddy. “Stand up! The boy at the last. Move out of the class! Such dirty shoes…!!”, she shouted. Raja tried to explain that he had walked a mile to come to school and this is how his shoes got dirty, but Miss Rita listened to no excuses. Next day, Raja carried his shoes in his hands while coming to school.

Bell rang with the beginning of the first period which was mathematics. Mr. Prateek who was the teacher of mathematics had an aggressive nature. Mr. Prateek entered the class with a stick in his hand. “The ones who have not brought the book stand up!” shouted Mr. Prateek. Raja could not afford the book of mathematics as it was costly. Raja stood up. Mr. Prateek beat him thrice with the stick without listening to him. That day Raja decided to talk about this to the Head Master. At the time of dispersal he went to Head Master’s Office. “Sir, punishment is necessary for every student. It helps the students to study and also to be disciplined.”, the Head Master was talking to a parent. After hearing the whole conversation Raja left school without talking to the Head Master.

Next day he woke up, took his garbage bag and went on wandering in search of garbage. His hope turned to hate, and tears fell from his eyes questioning the world- “Is this how we will succeed?” or “Is this how we will develop?”

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