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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - A Stormy Halloween Night

“A Stormy Halloween Night” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Eghreroghene Dora Morrison, R.A. International School, Bonny Island Rivers State, Nigeria.

A Stormy Halloween Night

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Dora. She was 14 years old and lived with her mom in a small cottage.

She had a friend named Destiny. Dora remembered that it was her friend’s birthday! It was a Halloween party. So she quickly dressed and left for the party, not knowing that it will end by 8pm.

Before she left, she asked permission from her mom. Dora had to walk down because she did not have a bicycle, but instead of walking, she ran so fast so that she will not be late for the party.

When she got there it was already 4pm and she was so sad because she only had 4hours left.

When the party ended, she realized that she should have told her mom to pick her up from the venue.

As she was going back home, it started to rain, then the storm came. It was so heavy and everywhere became dark all of a sudden that she could hardly see. She almost fell on the ground. So she went to wait near a building. Her whole body was wet and she felt very cold. While standing there, she heard strange noises of dogs barking, birds chirping, pigs grunting and mice squeaking. She was very scared.

Then she saw three men that wore black hats, black boots and black suits. They came and stood in front of her. Then they asked her where she lived. She told them and they escorted her back home after the storm calmed down.

When she got home, her mom was so worried for her safety but was happy she was back home.

Dora said to herself that maybe she should have asked when the party would end so she could tell her mom to come pick her up.

Later that night, Dora’s friend called her to find out how she was. ‘I am very sorry, I know I put you in trouble’, she said.

After all that happened, Dora decided to call that night a stormy Halloween night.

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