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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - A Night’s Adventure With A Mouse

“A Night’s Adventure With A Mouse” is one of the outstanding stories (sub-junior) of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2019 written by Ikechukwu Sylvester Ujomu, Greater Scholars International School, Nigeria.

A Night’s Adventure With A Mouse

I woke up to a scratchy scary noise in my bedroom that seemed to be coming from my bedroom door. I crept out of the bed, from which my little brother and I slept, and tip-toed quietly to the door with a torch in my hand, because I felt as a big brother I shouldn’t be afraid of scary things. As I approached the door, suddenly the beam from my torchlight fell on the silhouette of a big brown mouse with the biggest ears I have ever seen for a mouse. I thought “This must be Jerry from the Tom and Jerry cartoon, who has come to visit my brother and me.”

As I watched on I saw that the mouse, unaware of my presence was gnawing at the wood close to the door hinge, to get to a piece of cheese that fell on the ground earlier in the day when my brother was eating some crackers. With its might, the mouse ripped the last splinter of wood separating it from its treasure, and quickly gobbled it all up. My jaw almost dropped when it seemed as if the mouse smiled with satisfaction after eating the cheese. Suddenly, the mouse became aware of my presence and froze, as it looked at me with fear in its eyes, before it dashed out of my room to the living room.

Almost immediately my father walked out of his room and saw me awake with a torch in my hands. I started to speak with excitement, “Dad!! I saw Jerry!” But my Dad smiled and said “Ikechukwu, there are no mice in our house, and Jerry lives in cartoon world”. I lay back in bed and smiled about the adventure with the mouse I just had.

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