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Highly Commended Story - What Goes Around Comes Around

“What Goes Around Comes Around” by Maulika Pandey, Aduvie International School, Nigeria, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2018.

Maulika Pandey is a nine years old student who loves reading, writing and trying Do-it-Yourself (DIYs). Esio Trot by Roald Dahl and Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Rusell are her favourite books. She likes to swim, skate, and create videos. She wants to be an entrepreneur in future as it helps to support others as well. She wants to explore the world and know different cultures by travelling around. The personality who inspired her most is Warren Buffet.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Once upon a time, there lived an old, selfish but successful farmer, Nettlite with his pretty and humble wife in a multi-storied building. Under his flat, lived a young and enthusiastic farmer, Terahyt who wanted to be as successful as Nettlite but was not financially strong. He tried to arrange for some money but alas, failed. Nettlite was his last hope. As he went to ask Nettlite for money to buy some animals, Nettlite blatantly ignored him as he didn’t help others.

Terahyt tried his luck at the banks also but unfortunately, he had nothing to keep as collateral. He was refused of loans but luckily got a scholarship from a University in the city. Very sad, he moved to the University campus to study Veterinary Science and do a part-time job to support his living.

Years went by.

One day, one of Nettlite’s cows fell sick but Nettlite didn’t notice it and in no time the disease spread to the other cows. He still didn’t pay attention to it until one day when two of his cows fell down on the floor. His ego didn’t allow him to ask the other farmers. He already knew that the other farmers will not answer him. He was getting too tensed and his health started deteriorating. His wife decided to help him by asking other farmers to help.

Meanwhile, Terahyt finished his studies and came back to the village. One day, he noticed Nettlite was looking worried and his wife was asking everyone to help her husband. His wife also asked Terahyt to help but he did not say anything.

As Terahyt was taking his dinner, he just remembered Nettlite’s cows. Terahyt pitied the cows and decided to help but secretly. He said to himself “In the night, I will go to Nettlite’s farm and check what is wrong. After all, I am a qualified veterinary doctor and it is my responsibility to help. I am going to find a way to solve the issue.” Terahyt did as he said and not just for one night but many more nights. He would go and lovingly treat the cows. Slowly, the cows started getting better. Nettlite was now a bit relaxed.

It continued like this till one day, Nettlite noticed that Terahyt was trying to enter his farm from the back door. He got very angry and started shouting at him. Terahyt tried to explain Nettlite but he won’t allow him to say anything. Nettlite called others from the neighborhood and kept on insulting Terahyt. He even blamed him for the disease his cows had and called the police. As police came, Terahyt was now able to explain all that happened.

Nettlite could not believe what he heard. He was very shameful and regretted his actions. He asked Terahyt “Please, can you tell me why you were helping me? I have never been a good neighbor. I never helped you.” Terahyt said, “I did it because I felt this is my responsibility as a veterinary doctor. I pitied your cows. Also, I didn’t like the state you were in even though you never helped me”.

Nettlite was surprised. He thanked Terahyt and learnt a lesson. Terahyt continued his treatment. Everyone praised him for his good work and started taking his consultations whenever their animals fell sick. Remorseful but happy Nettlite also gave him ample money to buy farm animals. Terahyt now was a hero and had a successful career.

Moral: If you will help somebody, even though no one is watching, you will get a payback one day.

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