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Highly Commended Story - The Battle for Sensodyne City

“The Battle for Sensodyne City” by Lauren Scriven, Sts. Francis & Joseph Catholic Primary School, Bahamas, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2018.

Lauren Scriven was born on July 8th 2007 to her loving parents Tony and Lachrisser Scriven, she was delivered 11months after her older brother Tony which makes them “Irish Twins”. Lauren attends Sts. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School, where she makes her best efforts to remain on the principals list, be a good brownie and a loyal member of the spelling club. Lauren has received numerous academic awards including her most coveted 1st place Overall Academic Excellence which she has held for the last (4) consecutive years at her grade level. She is determined, consistent, endearing, creative and committed. Her hard work in academics is a testament to her future potential and dream of being an oncologist. When she is not preparing herself to save the world, she enjoys snorkeling with her dad, taking nature walks, any form of chewing gum, reading and playing with her dollhouse. She is charitable, religious and considerate to others less fortunate by donating clothing and toys twice a year to charitable organizations. She believes in finding the positive in any situation and encourages others to do the same.

The Battle for Sensodyne City

Hi, my name is Princess Molar, and I want to tell you a story of how my father, King Hygiene fought the battle of the crown against King Gingivitis. This all started, when King Gingivitis’ son the Prince of Plaque planted glucose into our city’s roots. In doing this, he weakened our gums which held our enamel barrier in place that protected our great city. This made our city vulnerable to more attacks by his evil Decay Valley soldiers. The strike against our city happened suddenly, I remember waking up to chaos and cries of terror. In a state of panic, my father rushed into the palace and insisted that my mother took me and tried to escape. As I gave my home one last glance, I felt a tugging on my heart. I knew I couldn’t leave with my mother, but I needed to find help for my father. So, when the opportunity came, I snuck away from my mother’s side. As I was about to leave in search of help, I ran into my best friend Braces. She decided to join me, I knew our journey wouldn’t be easy, but the future of our city depended on it. As we started our trek, we were stopped by the Wisdom Tooth fairy, she whispered to us “Continue if you dare, beware of cavities if you can, but you must not stray off the path of the Dental Dam.” Our quest led us to Root Canal River, it was filled with toxic waste, so we were unable to swim across. Luckily, I had my emergency inflatable cotton raft that aided us in sailing across the river, once we got across safely we continued our journey to Overbite Mountain.

Once we got there, the question struck us both, how were we going to climb up such a mountain? Thankfully, Braces brought her trusty floss grappling hook, which we used to climb to the top. Once we got to the top of the Mountain, we saw the Fluoride Kingdom. I breathed a great sigh of relief, knowing that we were only a few steps away from our destination. Finally, we arrived at the gates of the Fluoride Kingdom and were greeted by King Arm and Hammer. After several hours of pleading with the king for his help, he agreed to lend us half of his army in our efforts to defend the crown. As we got closer to Sensodyne City, I bravely encouraged the soldiers, “Defeat is not an option” I cried with a loud voice. We ran into battle, attacking the Decay Valley soldiers from behind. I could smell victory in the air, like a fresh baked Johnnycake. Only one thing was left to do, find my father. I searched high and low but there was no sign of him, the question, ‘was my father dead?’, rang in my head. Then in the distance I saw his crown, hope filled my heart, I immediately ran towards it. But before I could reach him, a bright light blinded me. I woke up with my head lying on my bathroom counter. I couldn’t believe it, it was all a dream, King Hygiene, the prince of plaque all of it was a dream. But if I must leave with something for you, here’s some advice that you should probably keep, never fall asleep while brushing your teeth.

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