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Highly Commended Story - Reflection

“Reflection” by Myat Yati Hmu, CAE Private High School, Myanmar, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2018.


In my class, no one likes Rosy, who is a very conceited girl. As she comes from a rich family, she always looks down on others. She lives near my house so I know about her very well. Her parents always let her do whatever she wants and stands by their daughter’s side whether she is right or wrong.

There is another girl called May. Unlike Rosy, May is a girl of good character. She is always cheerful and ready to help those in need. For Rosy, she never knows sharing. Because of May’s goodwill, all of us seem to be closer to May than Rosy.

Rosy is feeling jealous of May and jealousy takes away peace of her mind. Her face always looks gloomy.

One day, during recess while Rosy was walking, she tripped and fell on May. Rosy slightly hurt her forehead but she cried bitterly and blamed on May furiously. We all soothed Rosy and told her that it wasn’t May’s fault.

Rosy didn’t listen to us. She phoned her parents and complained exaggeratedly. Her parents immediately arrived and spoke angrily to May as if their daughter was seriously hurt. Poor May was absolutely shocked.

At that time our teacher, Mrs. Susan, came back from the office and asked, “What is happening?” We all explained what had happened.

But Rosy’s father shouted, “This child should be severely punished” pointing to May. Mrs. Susan said, “I cannot do that.” “If so, we will have to go to the police station,” said Rosy’s mother angrily.

Our teacher replied calmly. “Every child is special for me but I have to stand by the right side. If you wish, you can. But I would like to say one thing.”

“Do you remember the car that your elder son was driving that knocked a child down two years ago? Luckily the child was saved but his wrist was fractured”.

“That proves nothing.” Interrupted Rosy’s father.

Our teacher continued.

“You are luckier than the child because the child’s parents are very magnanimous. They forgave your son as they understood that it had happened accidentally not intentionally.”

“Do you know who they are? asked Mrs. Susan. “How would I know?” said Rosy’s father. “They are May’s parents” said Mrs. Susan. Rosy’s parents became speechless.

From that day on I admire my teacher, Mrs. Susan, more than before and also knew why May has such a good character.

Moral: Children usually reflect the behaviour of the elders around them.

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