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Highly Commended Story - May Understand Mother’s Love

“May Understand Mother’s Love” by Hnin Ei Shwe Lin, C.A.E Private High School, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, is the Highly Commended story in the senior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2018.

Hnin Ei Shwe Lin is a 13-years-old student studying in Grade (7). She is attending of C.A.E Private High School, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. Her ambition is to become a scientist. She enjoys reading, making projects about Science and inventing the things. She loves to play golf and basketball with her father.

May Understand Mother’s Love

One Winter morning, James, Susan and Christbella were walking along the street which was full of snow beside the street, Christbella was very happy because that day was her 10th birthday. So they walked out to buy a birthday present for Christbella. Many seasons had passed and their happiness was gone, too, because James had to work in another country. He sent money to Susan. Susan treated her daughter with that money. Many years were passed and Christbella became a teenager. As teenager’s ideology, she wanted to live freely. But Susan made her daughter in discipline.

Christbella played the games with her phone until midnight. She didn’t want to wake up early in the morning. So her mother woke her up. Christbella didn’t want to wake up. At that time, Susan scolded her. She disliked her mother’s noises. It was almost every day.

One morning, Susan prepared breakfast for her daughter. After that she went into Christbella’s room and woke her up.

Susan “Wake up now! It’s too late for school”.

Christbella “You’re always strict to me! I do not have enough sleep every morning. Let me sleep as I Like!”

Susan: “No, you can’t. Stop your complains. And get ready for your school. I have prepared breakfast for you.

Christbella was angry with her mother. She thought that why mother always scold her? Did she make something wrong in front of mother? She knows that she had never done wrong things but mother always scolded her. Christbella misunderstood on her mother and started to think that mother just wanted to scold her all the times, because she didn’t love her.

Christbella stopped thinking and got ready for her school. After 10 minutes, she came downstairs to have her breakfast. When she reached the table, she saw her mother in front of her. Susan didn’t finish having her breakfast. She waited her daughter until she came down because she wanted her to have breakfast together. But Christhella didn’t notice this. When Christbella had breakfast, she just used her phone and talked about nothing to her mother at that time.

Susan: “I have already told you not to use your phone while you are having your breakfast.

When her mother told her like this, she looked at her mother with hate and stopped having her breakfast. She left out from the chair. She took her back-pack to go to school. When she stood to wear the shoes in front of the door, her mother came out.

Susan “I told you to keep your shoes on shelf tidily.

Christbella said nothing to her mother and went to school.

Christbella felt upset on her mother. Start from that time, she hated her mother. She wrote down her feelings in the diary book.

“Mother is so picky!”

“Mother scolds me even I do nothing wrong!

“I hate her the most!”

One day, her mother, Susan saw that diary book and she both felt sad and angry on Christbella. Susan cried because of her sadness. She felt angry because Christbella didn’t understand her love.

When Christbella arrived home, Susan told her to come in front of her. Christbella went and stood with total disregard. She asked her mother. “Why do you call me to come in front of you?

Susan: “Why do you write like this?

“Why don’t you understand my love?”

Susan asked Christbella with crying. Christbella answered carelessly.

Christbella, “This is the writing of my feelings!”

Christbella answered with shout. So Susan felt angry and hit Christbella’s Cheek. At that time.

“I hate you, Mom!”

Christbella said her mother and ran into her room.

Starting from the next morning, her life had changed. Her mother didn’t come into her room and didn’t wake her up. Christbella felt strange thing. She came downstairs to have her breakfast. When she reached the table, she didn’t see her mother in front of her chair. Susan only prepared the breakfast and put the pocket money for her. Susan didn’t have the breakfast with her together anymore.

One evening, Christbella returned home from school. She felt a little bit angry because she didn’t see her mother. She started finding her mother. Christbella was frightened when she saw the view of her mother lying at the corner of the room. She called out for help. But nobody heard her. Christbella didn’t know what to do. So she ran into her mother’s bedroom and found some medicines that her mother always took. She got shock with them because the medicines are for heart disease.

At that time, a thought came into her head. That is…..

“Why didn’t my mother tell me that she had heart disease?

“A person who has heart disease needs to take relax but my mother does all the house works every day.”


Christbella got an answer for her question in a few seconds.

“Because my mother loves me!”

From that time, Christbella understood her mother’s love. She got repentance and felt very sorry to her mother.

When Susan hospitalized, Christbella stayed alone at home. She didn’t know what to do. She missed her mother’s treatment. She understood her mother’s benefit. Suddenly, she ran out of the house to hospital. When she reached the hospital, she went into her mother’s room. She walked slowly towards her mother. Susan was unconscious. Christbella sat beside her mother and cried.

Christbella : “Please forgive me, mom!.

Suddenly …….

Susan: Don’t cry! I’ve already forgiven you.

Christbella was surprised that her mother regained consciousness. They hugged each other.

When Susan became well again, she was excited to see the behavior of her daughter because Christbella had already prepared breakfast for both of them. Christebella cleaned the house, cooked and washed the dishes while her mother was ill. Christbella didn’t use her phone anymore when she had breakfast.

There is no mother who does not love her children. Christbella prayed that everyone may understand his or her mother’s love. A mother’s love is not replaced with any other thing. Please settle the debt of your mother on you.

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