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Highly Commended Story - Max and His Rainbow Kite

“Max and His Rainbow Kite” by Rohan S Nair, Global Indian International School, Singapore, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2018.

Roshan S Nair is studying in Grade-5 in Global Indian International School. He likes playing Cricket and reads books during his leisure time. He wants to become a cricketer in future. He likes to solve some puzzles, word search etc.

Looking Out of my Bedroom Window

Max belonged to a poor family. He was very fond of flying kites, but he never had one. He used to fly kites that his friends had. There wasn’t even one time when his friends said no when he asked if he could fly their kite, they always let him. Whenever he asked his father or mother if he could buy one they always said it was too costly. One day he thought how he could buy a kite and he thought of a brilliant idea that is to make a kite. `Dad, can you help me make a kite? “Max asked his father. ``sure Max of course I will help you,” replied Max’s dad.

Max and his dad went up to his room. Max took a few materials for the kite. He and his dad started making the kite and spent a few hours on it. While they were making the kite, it tore a bit. So Max and his dad had to start making the kite again. They never gave up. After few hours they finished making the kite and Max started colouring the kite in different colours. After he was done colouring, he went and showed the kite to his mother. `Mom what should I name this kite?’ Max asked his mother. “Hmmm…who doesn’t like a rainbow and your Kite is so colourful.. let’s name it the Rainbow kite.” said Max’s mother. “Yes that is a perfect name” said Max.

He immediately went up to his room and took a few markers and wrote `Rainbow kite’ on the kite. He went and showed the kite to his dad. His dad said that it looked beautiful. Max hugged and thanked his dad for helping him to make the kite. The next day in the evening, after returning home from school Max took his kite outside and showed it to his friends. ”Hey friends, look at the colourful kite my dad and Imade. I like to call it the Rainbow kite.” said Max showing his kite to all his friends. One friend said it was very cool the other said it was very colourful and the other said it was beautiful. Max thanked all his friends as they used to always allow him fly their kites. Then one friend asked Max who gave him the idea of making the kite instead of buying one. Max told that he thought of its own as he didn’t have enough money to buy kite but his parents were always eager to help him do things. Then all his friends asked Max to fly the kite.

Max was very proud of himself... He felt that like his kite, he should also be very happy and bright in life... until the kite’s thread slipped out of Max’s hand and flew away. Max and his friends started running after the kite but one of the biggest bullies in Max’s school joined them in trying to catch the kite. But before running even a meter the bully tripped on a stone and fell flat on his face. Max and his friends started laughing while running. They felt god punished him right as he was trying to destroy Max’s hard work... They kept running until the kite got stuck in a tree’s branch. Max and his friends tried to climb the tree but none of them succeeded. So Max went and called his dad. His dad got a ladder with him and climbed the tree to fetch the kite. Since then, every day Max and his friends would go out and fly their kites. Max’s Rainbow kite is still flying high, happy and bright. Max also learned that support from parents and hard work always gets good results.

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