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Highly Commended Story - Looking Out of my Bedroom Window

“Looking Out of my Bedroom Window” by Alessandro Farrugia, St. Clare College – Primary B, Malta, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2018.

Alessandro Farrugia from Malta is a 11-year-old student who loves animals and has a passion for dogs. Summer is his favourite time of the year and he loves to travel with his family and discover new countries and learn about their culture. Mathematics is his favorite subject and red is his preferred colour. His everyday activities include football, karate, playing drums and reading. Geronimo Stilton is his number one author! He would like to study archaeology and become an Archaeologist and loves to write books about archaeology.

Looking Out of my Bedroom Window

It was just a week before Christmas, and I was very ill. As soon as the doctor came to visit me, he confirmed what my mother was dreading to hear; I was diagnosed with chicken pox and had to stay indoors for three weeks!

My parents took time off from work alternating, so there was always someone with me at home to take care of me, but there was this one morning that both my parents had to head to their offices on emergency calls and I was left alone for a few hours. As soon as I found myself on my own, I continued reading a very interesting book of Geronimo Stilton, “The Dragon of Fortune”. The books’ enchanting stories and mysteries kept me busy for a while and when I put the book down, I stared out of my bedroom window…

My bedroom window overlooks the main street in the city. Big trucks were passing by; horns honking; people chatting; the usual hectic life of a busy city! The hustle and bustle brings life to this city but it isn’t my ideal place to live in, as I prefer the quiet peaceful greenery instead! I was daydreaming of my future home, looking out of the window, when a driver of a big truck lost control of his vehicle and crashed into all the cars that were coming from the opposite direction. What a horrible scene that was! I still remember myself trembling in fear. I knew the people involved in this accident were in hot water, but me being covered with raised red spots, most of them progressed to blisters, from head to toe, there wasn’t much for me to do except call for help; which I did!

In a blink of an eye, I heard the sirens of the ambulance and police cars getting closer to our home from all directions. There was chaos everywhere; people badly injured, children crying, deafening noises that made me cry like a baby. I saw the paramedics enlightening from the ambulances. Curious onlookers crowded around the scene while some inquired busy paramedics on the situation. A stern-looking middle aged man wept silently and tried to hide his sorrows by facing away from the crowd and looking directly at me. Tears trickled down his cheeks and he shook his head miserably.

Whilst serious looking policemen were taking down notes, the truck that caused the accident, turned into a huge ball of fire! This scene sent shivers down my spine! Fire engines could be seen everywhere, and it took them quite a while to put the fire out.

When all victims were taken to the hospital, members from the civil protection tried to clear the debris and the destructed pieces of cars that were scattered all over the road!

Our road remained closed for a very long time and when my mother returned home from work she had the fright of her life!! No wonder she was stuck in so much traffic to come home! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing! Police cars and policeman swarmed everywhere.

As soon as Mum entered the house and saw me, she started shaking and crying her heart out whilst hugging me. I told her all that had happened and she felt miserable to know that I had to be a witness of such a horrible accident.

Evening came as the sun completely disappeared down the horizon and as I was lying in my bed all I could do was pray for all those victims to be safe.

Ever since, whenever I look out of my bedroom window, I cannot but be reminded of the horrible accident I witnessed that day and realize how precious life is!

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