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Highly Commended Story - Kala - The Dog

“Kala - The Dog” by Cheryl Wong Xuan Xuan, SJK Chung Hua No 4, Kuching, Malaysia, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2018.

Kala - The Dog

Looking at dogs playing with their owners somehow reminded me of her. Although it’s been two years, she still remains in my heart.

It was a sunny day when I was preparing to go to school. Since my house is not far from school, walking there will only take fifteen minutes. Suddenly, in the middle of the road, stood a hungry, wild looking dog. It was drooling as if it hadn’t eaten for days. It has shaggy blackish brown windblown fur. I was frightened and walked nervously away from it. The dog stared at me until I was too far away from its sight. At school, the dog’s ferocious face kept popping up in my mind.

The next day, the same black dog stood at the same place, waiting for my arrival. The only thing that I could do is to run away from this hideous dog. So, I did. I ran as fast as I could to school, but the dog didn’t seem to bother. For the next few weeks, the dog would stand in the middle of the road waiting for me. I gradually got used to it, so I gave it a name------ Kala.

Sometimes, I took pity on Kala, so I gave her biscuits to satisfy her hunger; sometimes, I ignored her because I was scared. Kala never seemed to mind my movements, instead, she always gave me a friendly bark.

Then, without warning, something bad happened. That day was exam day, so I had to rush to school to study. On my way, Kala followed me and whined sadly. I knew she was hungry but I was in a hurry. She kept on humming and following me. I felt exasperated so I shouted:” Shoo! Go away you hideous dog!” I kicked and shouted at Kala. She was shocked and went hightailing away. At that moment, I felt guilty for what I did.

“Exam is quite easy” I said to myself. I past my math with flying colours. “Ring---Ring---“Time to go home. I walked happily thinking of what mom and dad would do to celebrate. Such happiness caused me to drift away while crossing the road. The green light turned on and the cars were moving. One car was driving directly towards me. When I saw that car, it was too late for me to run. The next thing I remembered, was me lying on the road with a badly injured Kala besides me. I was shocked to see her blood dripping from her body. The driver of the car quickly called the veterinary doctor for us.

While waiting, the driver explained that when his car was about to hit me, a nearby dog pushed me away and got hit itself. That dog was Kala. After kicking and beating her, she still had the courage to save me, what a bad friend I was! Maybe it’s because I was the one who she only knew; maybe it’s because I was her only friend, but what she did touched my heart deeply. I couldn’t remember what happened next, I only knew that Kala’s life might be in danger.

What I predicted was right. After mom and dad knew what happened and agreed to help Kala, my family and me went to the vet’s. The vet said Kala might only live for two months or less, I was feeling blue. Behind the vet, lied a stray bandaged like a mummy, its leg still has a hint of blood, while its face looked frightened and anguished. I walked slowly to it. I said softly:” I’m sorry, Kala... I should had been a better friend… Thank you for saving me...” Tears rolled down my cheeks like avalanches. Kala licked me and barked softly. I grinned and took out a collar for Kala. I tied it around her neck and said:” You are now my pet. You are Kala!”

The vet said that Kala have to stay at the veterinary for medical treatment and observation. So from that day on, I visited my pet every day and gave her treats. Both of us never been closer and happier before. Unfortunately, after two months, Kala passed away. We held a funeral for Kala, hoping she rested in peace.

I could never forget her name,

A friendly dog who was my pet.

I am grateful to her,

Kala - the dog who saved my life.

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