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Highly Commended Story - Big Scary Friends

“Big Scary Friends” by Precious Aaliah Salsabila Virnandi, BINUS School Serpong, Indonesia, is the Highly Commended story in the sub-junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2018.

Precious Aaliah Salsabila Virnandi is a student at BINUS School Serpong. She is an avid reader and an enthusiastic writer. One of her favourite books is Geronimo Stilton, which she loves to read during her free time. Her dream is to be a scientist. Her curiosity, creativity and determination will definitely help to achieve her dream. Precious gives her best in everything she does because she believes that it will lead to greater things in the future.

Big Scary Friends

Once upon a time in the deep blue sea, there lived two friends, Carlos and Kim. Carlos was a shark while Kim was a whale. Carlos and Kim were good fishes. However, they only had each other as friends. Even though they wanted to have lots of friends, all the other sea creatures were terrified of them. Kim heard the animals were afraid of him because he was so big. Carlos heard the animals in the sea were afraid of him because he had a big mouth and sharp teeth. However, their parents always taught them to be nice, caring and also be friendly with everyone. They also taught them to protect their friends.

“Hey Kim, did you notice there are a lot of fishes scared of us?” said Carlos.

“Yes, I know. I think it is because we are big and look scary to them,” Kim answered.

“Kim, I think we should try to make all the fishes like us.”

Kim said, “You are right, Carlos! Let’s do it!”

Starting that day, Carlos and Kim tried their best to make friends with everyone. They started to greet fishes when they saw them. They didn’t want other fishes to be scared of them.

Carlos and Kim greeted the squid with a big grin, “Hi Squid!”

Squid was shocked. He saw their sharp teeth as they smiled. He thought that they’re monsters and ran away.

Carlos and Kim were disappointed. Their plan failed.

“Oh no! Our plan has failed. Everyone still think we are monsters!”

Carlos and Kim tried to make a new plan, like inviting others to play with them or offering to help with homework, but all failed. Other animals ran away before Carlos and Kim proved their good intention.


One afternoon, at fish school, Carlos and Kim were eating snack in their class. Suddenly, they heard a loud noise.

“What was that noise?” Carlos asked Kim.

“I do not know. Let’s find out.” Kim answered.

Kim and Carlos checked where the noise came from. It came from Gorgeous’ class. Gorgeous was a beluga whale, Kim’s cousin.

Kim asked, “What happened?”

Gorgeous answered, “There was no teacher since this morning. So, I was playing with Liz the hammer shark and Octa Octopus and Jenny Jellyfish, but then octopus’s tentacle stuck to anemone’s hands.”

“Jenny Jellyfish blamed Gorgeous, and she stung Gorgeous,” continued Liz. “We ended up fighting.”

“How about my tentacle?” Octa started to cry. “We tried to pull it off but nobody was strong enough…”

Kim stepped forward. “I’m big and strong, I’ll help.”

And in no time at all, she pulled Octa’s tentacle off the anemone

“Now Jenny, it was not a really good thing to hurt others especially your friend, said Carlos.

“Even though Gorgeous looks scary, it doesn’t mean he’s bad.”

Jenny was so angry. She stomp her tentacles, accidentally hit the coral reefs and hurt herself.

Kim and Carlos talked to Jenny and asked them to stop fighting.

“Stop fighting, now. There’s no use of being angry and blaming each other.”

They all admitted that they made mistakes by blaming each other.

“I’m very sorry,” said Jenny. “Are you okay Gorgeous?”

“Good, promise me you will never fight again.” Kim said.

“We promise.” They all said.

Starting from that day, they all played together. They knew then, that Kim and Carlos were good fishes. No fishes were scared of Kim and Carlos anymore. Big bodies and scary looks do not always mean bad. We should not judge anyone based on their looks. Sometimes a little jellyfish would hurt more than a big whale!

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