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You Only Need One Friend

“You Only Need One Friend” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Fatima Aziz Atif, Turkey.

You Only Need One Friend

She was so annoying, so noisy and so disrespectful. She was the number one at making everything up to the hardest level. But it was normal because Amina was only 2 years old. As annoying as she was still her parent’s only one girl. Amina nearly spent 3\4 hours of the day by herself and 6 hours with her parents. She didn’t really get enough time every day to be loved by someone. She didn’t know how much her parents loved her. She thought she was the luckiest child in the world. One day, she asked her mother “Mom why do I only have the unluckiest life, why can’t I be loved?’’ “Every child is special’’ said her mother. And she slept next to her little princess with her father.

Five years later, Amina joined in school grade one. She was on her way to school with her mother. She wasn’t like the other children who used to cry because there mother is leaving them, she was used to being alone. She spent three quarters of the day since she was 3. Her first minute of her school life started, she was sitting alone, everyone had friends from kindergarten but, she couldn’t make any cause she didn’t know love. She was like that till her 5th grade. Screaming, shouting, misunderstanding and disrespectful. In 5th grade the units became harder and harder, she always needed a repeat for every unit. Other children didn’t like her because of her wanted repeats about the units, the way behind from other classes, except one person, Georgia.

Georgia could understand her, she doesn’t know how but she was nearly the same as her! She had hard time understanding and getting on with what she needs to. Just one difference, big difference, she was feeling like she was beloved which she is beloved. That’s why when someone used to bully Amina, she protected her. “If she feels alone, at least don’t bully her she will hate her life, be a little empathic!” she used to say. On the second semester of 5th grade, Amina was alone and Georgia was happy. She went to her teacher and asked to sit next to her, the teacher said, “if she’s ok then I’m ok.“ And she went to the class to ask her friend Amina if she can sit, Amina said “I don’t care but, what can I say?“ ”I’ll take that as a yes” said Georgia. The lesson was science and Amina wanted to learn science the best because he’s a doctor and her mother is a dentist. She had the hardest time understanding it but when Georgia came, she slowly started to learn by love. Georgia was becoming her teacher even if she doesn’t know the best at least she can help retell some small details to Amina and Amina can help her learn too. It was hard for Georgia to understand Amina % 100 but she did it because she wanted to do it by heart. Sometimes Amina broke her heart when she was angry but there can’t be a strong friendship if there are no fights.

Amina and Georgia were getting along with each other and by Georgia, Amina could now understand her parents and how hard it is to show someone your love when you don’t have enough time. At the end of the semester Amina and Georgia we’re known for the school as ‘The Path For Friendship’ until grade 12, Georgia had to move because of her father’s business. Amina was a little afraid. “After 7 years of each other, we should suddenly separate, but why?’’ Georgia said “We love each other from our hearts, not from our bodies. !” They gave each other their last hugs and said goodbye. But that’s not the end, they were always n touch with letters, not cellphones. They only used cellphones for talking face to face. There wasn’t any other person that could replace each other’s place because they we’re friends till the end...

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