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Wishes of Enchantia

“Wishes of Enchantia” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Haya Zainab, The Horizon School, India.

Wishes of Enchantia

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Enchantia, there lived magical old people. Enchantia is a place where wishes come true. When humans make wishes these magical adults make it come true. Each human has her or his magical wisher. In Enchantia everyone had a job, except Olivia. Olivia was a different wisher. She was a kid. Only adults knew magic in Enchantia. Olivia was very sad. She didn’t like to live in Enchantia as she had no friends and felt very lonely. She wanted to go to human world but for that she had to know magic. So Olivia went to the Master and asked for help. She had to go a long way to get to the Master. When Olivia reached there, she asked the Master if he could help her go to the human world. The Master told that it was impossible as the wishers of Enchantia could not go to the human world. Olivia became very sad. On her way back home, she saw a barrier and became curious to know what it was. She went closer and saw a sign saying: ‘Barrier to the Human World’. When Olivia read this she was very, very happy. She ran fast back home and packed all her things. Then she wrote a note to the Master saying:

Dear Master, I saw the barrier to the human world. I am now going to the other world. Bye, Olivia.

Now Olivia was ready to go to the human world. But she had no idea what to do. The sign did not tell what to do with the barrier. So she stepped on the barrier. Suddenly Olivia was turning round and round….

Back home Olivia’s friends came looking for her. They called out her name loudly but got no reply in return. Then they went to her room and saw the note. They immediately went to the Master and showed him the note. They all ran to the barrier and saw Olivia. When Olivia saw them, she became scared. She knew that if the wishers stopped her she would not be able to get to the other world and would have to spend the rest of her life in Enchantia without any friends. She tried to run fast but the wishers used their magic and stopped Olivia. They were very angry with Olivia. But she told them that she no longer wanted to live in Enchantia because she had no friends and knew no magic, they all became very sad. So the went to the Master and requested him to make Olivia a wisher. The Master agreed to it but under three conditions. The first condition was never to go the world of the humans. The second was to use magic only to grant wishes and in emergencies. The third was never to give up faith. Olivia promised the Master to obey all the wishers and not to forget the conditions.

After many years, Olivia was made the new Mistress as she was working very hard in making people’s wishes come true. Olivia was so happy and excited to rule Enchantia. She lived happily ever after.

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