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Whose Mistake is it?

“Whose Mistake is it?” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Tanvi Divija Kante, Oakridge International School, India.

Whose Mistake is it?

Once upon a time there lived a King named Kanishka Das. He was a very kind hearted, helping nature, responsible, respectful person. One day there was a pigeon which fell near his leg with full of wounds and in a pathetic situation where it couldn't even breathe properly. King took the pigeon in to his arms and felt really pity for the dear bird from his kingdom suffering so badly and called his doctor asked everyone to take care of the bird till it gets back to good health. Once the bird got cured it never liked to leave the king who showed loyalty and care.

Entire kingdom started speaking about the king's good deed and they were very happy for the bird. King continued being good with everyone, behaving kind then after to each and everyone he met... so generous he became and in-turn he was becoming famous across all other kingdoms as well!

Hmm turning point, one day there was a lady who came to the king with bad injuries and as usual king asked her to stay in the kingdom till she gets cured! All the villagers started gossipping about the lady and king, it went so bad one mouth to next and next and next. It started getting worst day by day, the entire kingdom started cursing king so badly and his good deeds were overseen all the way and people started taking it for granted for what king has done. It then became so absolute that anyone can do anything to the ladies, girls and women in the kingdom no matter whether it is sister, mother, or daughter. Every other girl in the kingdom is suffering.

Now the question is “does king did anything wrong by helping the lady?” Or “is it the villagers who has taken it for granted?”

As usual every kingdom has some ugly crooks who will break the rules and for their benefit they don't even care what will be the impact on others life. These are people who are greedy, few are feminized (Havas Hungered), Money minded, business oriented etc.... Because of which kingdom is also totally polluted. Is it not the king’s responsibility to take action against these kinds of ugly crooks? Villagers seem to have a valid point here!

Now King is so worried for his kingdom and he tried to fix the problem by imposing strict rules and standard policies like if anyone speaks bad or troubles women or girls in the kingdom will be punished to abandon from the kingdom. And also he took action against few of the ugly crooks and put them into the jail. But to his surprise none of his actions were showing any impact to the villagers’ behavior. So he gave up his kingdom.

He conquered another village and he started putting all his efforts in building, developing the villagers stronger and powerful. His deeds this time are growing phenomenal, the focus of the villagers is always to build clean, green, happy kingdom. Each and every villager started believing in the king following his steps and amazingly they were solving all the problems of villages like there were problems with water they made a small dam for the kingdom. They launched a gurukul which teaches all the techniques to solve the problems, how to attack on the competitors, how to face the situations, how to safeguard themselves from enemies. These villagers are doing amazing job across the industry. This time it’s not the king who is getting famous rather the kingdom is getting popularity around the world. Looking at this kingdom many other kingdoms started following the same practices, policies, living styles.

King Kanishka Das has become role model for many other kings, they formed a group of kings and getting trained under Kanishka for all the best practices and good guidelines. Kanishka was chosen as the best King of that era. Everyone speaks about him across the world. His story became one of the best stories to teach moral to the next generation kids. Every mother speaks about this story to their child not to trouble women and respect women as much as possible and never spoke anything bad about the character of anyone without knowing the fact. Before speaking about anyone’s character get the proper confirmation on what happened earlier and then only speak. If possible change the way it is in past which created problem. The person who cannot solve the problem is having no right to speak ugly as well!

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