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What could be and it wasn’t

“What could be and it wasn’t” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Natalia Losada López, EL Cole De Los Pekes, Spain.

What could be and it wasn’t

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sarah. She lived in the "Canary Islands".

It was a normal sunny day, because the "Canary Islands" is very sunny every day.

Sarah is a very beautiful girl, with long, curly, fair hair, and blue eyes, she was twelve years old.

She went to school like a normal girl and every Saturday she use to go with her friends, but this Saturday none of her friends could go because of some problems of their families.

She went alone and this day, she went in her bike. When she was riding her bike, she fell down and she hit her head. She was sleeping when she hit her head because , she had hallucinations. Later she had a travel to the world of the hallucinations. There, all the people were having hallucinations. The bosses are the fantastic things of this world, the fantastic things are the kings of the hallucinations, but the two most important fantastic things were the dragons and the fairies.

Sarah found a dragon and later a fairy. She talked with them and she asked why she was there. The two fantastic things answered the same thing, they answered: "you have to find the secret, when you have the secret maybe you can return to your world.

The girl was very surprised.

She started trying to find the secret but she found a unicorn, the unicorn was named: Celeste.

Sarah asked Celeste about the secret.

Later Celeste answered that she knew a lot of things about the secret but she didn´t know where it was.

Later Celeste said that she had a friend that was a mermaid who lived in the chocolate water and she knew a lot about the secret.

Now Celeste and Sarah are friends.

The mermaid was called: Burbujita.

Burbujita knew a lot but she didn´t know where the secret was, she knew about a mouse that could speak and maybe he knew where I was.

The mouse was called: Arturo.

Arturo knew where the secret was.

- The secrets is.... in your mind- said Arturo.

- You have to think of an exam, because the stress helps you to go out of this world- specified Arturo.

- Now you can´t because you are on weekend- said Burbujita.

- That is true! What can I do now Arturo? - said Sarah very scared.

- You have to think of another thing that makes you stressed- said Arturo.

- Ok, I am going to think about my mother when she is very angry with me- said Sarah laughing.

- That is good- Said Celeste.

- I am going to think about it - said very happy Sarah.

- One, two and three- said Burbujita.

Now Sarah don´t know what happened.

She didn´t remember Burbujita, Celeste and Arturo, but always Burbujita, Celeste and Arturo appeared in the Sarah’s dreams.

One day, when Sarah was older, she went to a fair and she went to a place full of books and she found a very beautiful book, but it was very big and very old. This book was about the world of the hallucinations, the most important characters were the unicorn Celeste, the mermaid Burbujita and the mouse that could speak: Arturo.

Now she remembers Celeste, Burbujita and Arturo!

She was very sad because she couldn´t drink a little of chocolate water.

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